Bollywood actor Anupam Kher, an ardent defender of Modi & the nationalist BJP party, today tweeted: “Kashmir solution has begun.” By which he means the ‘final solution’ for the Kashmiri struggle against colonialism & occupation. This despicable piece of crap was appointed a UN ambassador for gender equality in 2015 even though he was already officially involved with nationalist Kashmiri Pandit politics. Now that he calls for the ‘final solution’ in Kashmir, will the UN women who appointed him denounce his ugly ass & bounce him? We need to campaign for just such an eventuality.

(Photo from Twitter 2015)

In response to their expressions of fear & anxiety about this siege, I am quite overwhelmed with fear for Kashmiris. We will do our very best to educate about your struggle & to oppose the Indian occupation. We know that despite the fears & dangers you face, in the long run ‘azaadi is inevitable’, as Mir Laieeq has said. But the price you are paying for freedom scares the hell out of us.

“Respect for the army is the root cause of the rise of fascism. Failure of the Indian masses to stand with Kashmiri people against the occupying military forces has made them incapable of defending themselves from Hindu fascism, if it hasn’t turned them into its walking-talking-killing tools.”

–Indian activist Satyadeep Satya