Hopefully, those antiwar activists who now claim only US ‘regime change operations’ in Syria & not Russian & Iranian military intervention in Syria are their business will take a look at Tunisians protesting Saudi-coalition & US/UK intervention in Yemen. Maybe they could look also at Sudanese protesters holding up the Syrian Arab Spring as their pole star that this will evoke the spirit of human solidarity against oppression, persecution, war, occupation, & genocide that has always inspired the best of humanity. When other human beings are being slaughtered, only dirtballs say that is not their concern.

(Photo is November 2018 protest in Tunisia against MBS)

Now that their gig as paid propagandists for Assad is coming to an end, Bartlett & Beeley will have to find new roles. Beeley may just go back to horse back riding. Bartlett is trying to reinvent herself as a Maduro fan girl but his regime doesn’t need to bankroll her since there are so many American socialists who do it for free. Anyway she would face an uphill battle since Assad propaganda rests entirely on Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, & ‘war on terror’ rhetoric. None of that will help her in Venezuela. What are washed up propagandists to do?

The Assad regime & its Russian & Iranian allies have been so engaged in bombing & killing civilians that they haven’t gotten around to clearing rubble & recovering bodies after they ‘liberated’ Aleppo in 2016—though they have worked tirelessly to vilify White Helmet rescue workers as terrorists engaged in organ trafficking. There will come a time when all those progressives (so-called) who support Assad, Putin, & Rouhani will face condemnation & scorn for such a monstrous betrayal of human rights & siding with the oppressors rather than the oppressed.


It’s insane on so many levels for anti-Assad activists to campaign for a ‘humanitarian’ US intervention in Syria to save a popular revolution, not least of which is US bombing in six countries, including Syria, on the side of counterrevolution. But with this new documentation in hand from an Amnesty & Airwars investigation about carpet bombing civilians in Raqqa (including with the incendiary chemical white phosphorous), we would like those war mongers to explain exactly how ‘humanitarian’ US bombing of civilians would work.


A salute to Tunisian human rights protesters who are among the few anywhere in the world who have protested Saudi executioner MBS. The protest was a few weeks after the beheading & dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi embassy & during the state visit of MBS to Tunisia in November 2018.

(Photo from Independent)

A Tunisian man holds up a placard protesting Saudi bombing of Yemen during the state visit to Tunisia of Saudi executioner MBS in November 2018.

(Photo by Simon Speakman Cordall)

After confessions extracted through torture, Saudi Arabia beheaded 37 men on Tuesday in different parts of the country for various alleged crimes which according to the official Saudi news agency included: “adoption of terrorist & extremist thinking, forming terrorism cells to sow corruption & disrupt security, spread chaos, incite sectarian discord, harm peace & social security, & attack police centers using explosive bombs.” One of the men’s bodies along with his severed head was publicly displayed on a pole, crucifixion-style. Including these executions, Saudi Arabia has carried out over 104 executions so far in 2019, including 40 people who committed drug offenses. It is presently engaged in rounding up women’s rights advocates for incarceration, kangaroo trial, & execution.

Trump remained dumb as a stump after the Saudi beheading & dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018 & has not expressed even a ceremonial protest to these 37 executions. But since the US is engaged in several bombing wars, no one could take any such protest seriously. Cutting people’s heads off with swords for taking drugs, thinking rebellious thoughts, or protesting has not interfered with the cordial reception MBS has received from world leaders, including high-fiving Putin at the G-20 conference last December. After all the criticism the Saudi government is receiving from human rights activists for the executions, one wonders if Code Pink or other US ‘antiwar’ groups will be sending a ‘peace delegation’ to express solidarity with the regime as they did to North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Syria.

This photo is a protest in Tunisia in November 2018 after the beheading of Khashoggi & before MBS was cordially received by government heads at the G-20 conference in Argentina in December. He was paying a state visit to Tunisia but was greeted by hundreds of protesters against the Saudi bombing of Yemen & the execution of political prisoners.

(Photo from Independent)

Netanyahu announced that he’s going to name an illegal Israeli settlement in the illegally occupied Golan Heights after Trump. It’ll be all so appropriate if it’s a rural settlement stinking of horse manure & donkey fart. Just like the White House smells.

Kashmiri Faizan Bashir, then 12-years-old, being arrested in 2012 for ‘waging war against the state’ of India, rioting, & for attempted murder. He was eventually released. That was under the tenure of chief minister Omar Abdullah who introduced pellet guns against unarmed protesters & is now playing champion of the people.