During my latest 30-day ban, I’ve decided to concentrate on studying rather than attempt to bypass Facebook’s surveillance systems. I’m updating my understanding of international drug trafficking & its ties to militarism (which I will report on), preparing a report on Cordon & Search Operations (hunt to kill operations) in Kashmir, & of course preparing an anti-obituary of George H.W. Bush who is being honored as a towering figure in history rather than the inarticulate, incompetent dirt ball that he was.

Judging by the number of people who respond to posts about my latest suspension makes me wonder if anyone actually reads my posts on Facebook. Many again have unfriended me & let me say, nothing speaks of solidarity quite so strongly as getting dumped when Facebook suspends you. I truly appreciate those posting on my wall about Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, & the Rohingya struggle. I am grateful to those of you expressing solidarity. It means the world to me. But of course, the suspension of my posts is only a tiny fraction of the tsunamic censorship on social media of those fighting historic battles against war, occupation, genocide.