Feminism in India: “We are at the protest against the government’s undemocratic handling of Article 370 & to stand in solidarity with Kashmir. #StandwithKashmir”

(Photo from August 7th protest in Delhi tweeted by Feminism in India)

Solidarity from South African writer & artist Shubnum Khan: “Kashmir has constantly been on my mind. Painted this image of Kashmir’s famous chinar leaf. We see your pain. We stand with you. We acknowledge you.”

–Shubnum Khan on Twitter

Since my sister lives in Ilhan Omar’s congressional district, I stole her address to contact Omar & ask her to make a public statement about Kashmir. It was a minor deceit necessary to get past the monitors since her office would not accept my Texas zip code. Here’s hoping she will take the time to #StandWithKashmir.

Dear Hindutva bachelors looking for wives & dowries in Kashmir: not only will Kashmiri women spit you in the eye but those Kashmiri stone pelters will drive your bony asses right out of the country.

Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai tweeted this statement in support of Kashmiris & was trolled & insulted by legions of Hindutva nationalists. In 2017, she also spoke loudly in defense of the Rohingya against genocide.

#StandWithKashmiris #StandWithRohingya