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Graffiti campaign in Yemen: a form of political protest

Yemen graffiti campaign June 28 2014

This is a graffiti mural from Sana’a, Yemen but it’s uncertain if it is part of the 12th hour graffiti campaign or was already there–since graffiti has long been a form of political protest in Yemen & played a prominent role during & after the uprising in 2011.

We are told the purpose of this mural was to depict the disproportionate impact of poverty on women. The poignant & powerful image is universal, resonating with the oppressed everywhere.

Many try so hard to divide the human race by religion, gender, ethnicity, & everything else under the sun that makes us different. Artists & poets are here to silence the cacophony & disharmony & remind us to keep perspective; that we are all human beings with far more in common than at odds.

Once we rid this magnificent planet of the things that stink it up like injustice & inequality, the human race has a brilliant future.

(Photo from Yemen Times)

Graffiti campaign for disappeared in Yemen

Yemen- portraits of disappeared June 28 2014

This is another graffiti mural from the 12th hour graffiti campaign in Yemen depicting those disappeared by the regime. One of the most prominent manifestations of political discontent since the end of the uprising in 2012 has been continuous protests over those still unaccounted for by the regime. Graffiti portraits of victims of violence either murdered or disappeared are all over Sana’a.

(Image from Yemen Times)