There’s apparently a disproportionate number of US workers in meat & poultry processing plants contracting the coronavirus. You need a lot more than that to speculate a relationship between industrial farming of livestock & chickens & the coronavirus. But it’s an epidemiological clue that must be investigated since there is some science claiming the virus originated in factory farming of wildlife in China & not in the wet markets. If workers who handle meat & poultry are getting hit, it may be a good time to back off to vegetarianism until this thing has passed.

Sanders will be in his 80s for the 2024 elections so it’s unlikely he will run a third time. It will be interesting to see how fast & furious he reverts to his pre-election politics when he got angry when asked to denounce Israel’s 2014 carpet bombing of Gaza & where he opposed immigration rights & open borders as a ‘rightwing Koch brothers proposal’ to flood the labor force with low wage immigrants competing with US workers. Those who prefer not to examine his campaign rhetoric claim he changed his mind & became more progressive about those issues. How many politicians, or for that matter family members, do they know who have had ‘come to Jesus’ moments in their seventies?

Bernie Sanders endorsed Biden. So much for that revolution he blithered about. Aren’t his socialist guppies even a little embarrassed?

It’s been said by some that India is the only country using coronavirus to whip up anti-Muslim pogroms. But several media commentators in the UK are also whipping up fears of a ‘coronajihad’ by claiming the virus will be spread during Ramadan. Consider the depths of political depravity that a pandemic would be used to advance persecution, marginalization, pogroms.
Scapegoating narratives may pose additional dangers to public health, warn experts.

Mehdi Hasan who can be so cogent in his interviews & writings has completely lost his head over the US elections. If you don’t understand the character of state power in the US & the role of the president in it, then it makes sense to do the lesser evil schtick. It made sense for Hasan to go all gaga over Sanders. But now that the candidate is Biden known for decades of corruption, folly, misogyny, conservatism, & dementia, the lesser evil thing is harder to maintain with any dignity. Okay if you want to vote for Biden to oust Trump. But Hasan & others should not embarrass themselves by pretending Biden is anything other than a political ass.

With no respect to the coronavirus pandemic devastating the world, including Kashmir, Indian occupying forces continue provocations of Pakistan by firing across the Line of Control using civilians as human shields. Four-year-old Hasnain is one of the children killed in the carnage. Kashmiris are accustomed to such reckless disrespect for their lives & the lives of their children but they have never become inured to the colonial savagery.

Demand the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all Indian forces & the complete demilitarization of Kashmir.

(Photo from several Kashmiri sources)

Occupation at a time of coronavirus: this young Kashmiri mother holds her little 8-year-old Ziyan who was killed near Kupwara along the Line of Control in shelling between Pakistan & India. India has long been shelling in the region as a provocation to Pakistan. Since India is using Kashmiri civilians as human shields, Pakistan ought not respond to the provocations in the interests of protecting civilians. But the primary responsibility for this slaughter belongs to the Indian government & places them in the colonial & barbaric league of US-NATO, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Iran, the Saudi coalition.

Demand the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all Indian troops & the complete demilitarization of Kashmir.

(Photo from several Kashmiri sources)

“While the world is fighting COVID19, Kashmiris are daily getting killed on both sides of the Line of Control 🇮🇳🇵🇰.

*Indian army has moved its artillery near civilian houses in Indian Occupied Kashmir to use Kashmiris as “HUMAN SHEILDS”.

We demand an urgent demilitarization of the whole Kashmir region.”

(Via Love Kashmir)