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Let’s talk about Sderot where they cheered on genocide

Sderot August 27 2014

So let’s talk about Sderot for a minute since it played such a big role in exposing the Exodus narrative as an orchestrated fairy tale. On the one hand, there is burlesque involved because they were whimpering about Hamas rockets while sitting in the direct line of fire. But on the other hand, it is deeply troubling that Zionism has corrupted people so profoundly that they could set up parlors to watch & cheer ethnic cleansing with equanimity. And their children were witness to this derangement. Will anyone who saw this scene & know it went on day after day ever be able to forget it?

When you read Zionist apologetics for Operation Ethnic Cleansing & their attempts to rationalize it with that crap about human shields, you realize what a corrosive ideology Zionism is & how it rots the human spirit. That is what makes so many skeptical that there can ever be a democratic secular state where Jews & Palestinians live together. The end of slavery was wrenching for the plantation class too. There’s a lot of things like that in history but justice must be respected whether everybody likes it or not. No one said it would be easy or without some scuffles.

If Sderot stands for anything, it is the transformative power of the Palestinian struggle over the rancidity of Zionism which is rooted in 19th century racism & colonialism. No one need feel pity but neither should we feel superior to Israelis who’ve been schooled in this supremacy. Truth of the matter is, it’s a manifestation of the white supremacy that continues to justify a dozen wars & neoliberal colonialism. Most of us live under regimes up to their eyeballs in this plunder.

Sderot isn’t just a symbol or a metaphor because it happened but it sure as hell provides insight into what happens if you let your government use racism as a weapon against anyone. There isn’t a person on planet Earth that doesn’t know what that means.

(Photo by Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images)

The hills of Sderot: ethnic cleansing as a spectator sport

Sderot August 3 2014

From lawn chairs to setting up the parlor so they don’t miss a moment of the ethnic cleansing going on in Gaza. When we say there is a deep psychosis in Zionism that makes it irredeemable, this would be the proof. We need to continue anatomizing this rancid ideology but this scene would be the pièce de résistance of condemnation.

(Photo by Siegfried Modola/Reuters)

Ethnic cleansing as spectator sport in Israel

Ethnic cleansing as a spectator sport July 10 2014

You can talk till you’re blue in the face but it’s not that easy to convince people a lot of what we see in the news is just baloney. That’s what makes photojournalists so invaluable. They don’t just humanize the news but often show the truth so easily camouflaged in the fluster of language–especially if the writer has been schooled in the French philosophical method of writing, or the Washington Post method of journalism (more akin to fiction when it comes to Israel), or if they regularly read the Jerusalem Post (best used for wrapping garbage).

Take this photograph for instance. In one fell swoop, it exposes at least a dozen Zionist justifications for ethnic cleansing in Gaza. It’s a photo worth a thousand lies. The caption identifies these as Israeli men from Sderot, Israel, a town one mile from the Gaza border. We’re told they’re settling down on a hill overlooking Gaza to watch the Israeli military bombard Gaza with bombs & observe “rockets fired by Palestinian militants from inside Gaza towards Israel.” Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive & there’s somebody with a camera nearby.

Today a photo circulated on Facebook titled “Sderot cinema” which showed another group of Israelis in Sderot sitting in lawn chairs watching bombs fall on Gaza & said they were clapping & celebrating every time they heard a blast go off. One hoped the photo had been misidentified but it claimed to be confirmed by Al Jazeera. It was hard to see young Israelis so jaded, racist, & sociopathic from Zionism that they could view ethnic cleansing as a spectator sport.

In nearly every account after one of Israel’s murderous sieges against Gaza, media reports on the damage done by Hamas rockets in Sderot. It’s like the model city for indicting Hamas rockets. Without actually photographically documenting much damage, we’re told the town has been a continuous target of rockets from Gaza: residents have been killed & wounded; there’s been millions of dollars in property damage; daily life has been disrupted; thousands of residents sustain severe psychological trauma.

So take a look at these Sderot guys in lawn chairs with their chips & candy & soda laughing it up watching ethnic cleansing like they were watching a soccer game. If they’re so damn traumatized by rockets why aren’t they in a bomb shelter?

Zionism isn’t just an affront to journalistic integrity. It’s a malignant ideology that corrupts everything it touches, especially those who adhere to it. When under the drunken influence of Zionist racism, ethnic cleansing becomes a spectator sport there is no possible reformation or redemption for the ideology. It must be defeated & replaced with human solidarity. That is one of the great historic missions of our era.

(Photo by Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)