Excoriating racism wherever/however it manifests, & even where it lurks, is imperative. Racism is one of the most malignant & divisive political weapons on the planet. But talking about white privilege, separate from how racism manifests, is nothing but guilt-baiting & leads to a political dead-end. It’s observable that those who most engage in it are Brahmins or their class equivalents. There are other inequalities like gender, but especially class, that have a controlling impact on our lives. So that a Brahmin has opportunities & privileges in life that a white working class kid cannot even dream of. There’s nothing to be gained from white-baiting & I don’t say this as some sort of puny-assed defense of caucasian ethnicity. It puts the political emphasis on the wrong damn thing & makes being white a problem when the problem is racism. You can’t do anything about being white. But you can act politically to end racism. And that’s the difference.

FB just banned British far-right groups Britain First, the English Defence League, & the British National Party from posting.
Anyone who posts in support of these groups will also be banned.
FB officials said the decision was taken against users who “proclaim a violent or hateful mission or are engaged in acts of hate or violence.” Since FB censors decide what constitutes a “violent or hateful mission”, this signals an escalation of censorship & political repression. They are intentionally & publicly targeting the extreme rightwing to legitimize censorship while all along they have been massively censoring Palestinians & Kashmiris & those who post in support of their struggles.

It is elementary to the principles & fundamental concepts of freedom of speech that we oppose censorship. Not because we give a rat’s ass about freedom of hateful speech for Britain First but because we know they are coming for us like gangbusters after they get us to cheer the banning of rightwing groups. Those who stand for democracy oppose this abridgment of free speech on social media.

Trump regime orders concentration camps for refugees:

“Attorney General William Barr issued an order Tuesday that could keep thousands of asylum seekers locked up indefinitely. The order, a reversal of existing policy, would affect asylum seekers who enter into the country in between legal ports of entry, by barring immigration judges from granting bonds for their release. Asylum seekers who enter the U.S. at official ports of entry are already unable to be released on bond. The order is set to go into effect in 90 days. Omar Jadwat of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project said in a statement, “This is the Trump administration’s latest assault on people fleeing persecution and seeking refuge in the United States. Our Constitution does not allow the government to lock up asylum seekers without basic due process. We’ll see the administration in court.”

–Dan Dods

It’s unseemly to mock the destruction of Notre Dame as if it were of no consequence. It represents human achievement & the labor of thousands of workers, many of whom died in its construction. But it certainly should be kept in perspective since carpet bombing in so many countries has destroyed structures even older & just as impressive as Notre Dame. This article is about the Uyghur genocide in China which may have recently demolished a Uyghur mosque as old as Notre Dame.


A guy named Elia El Khazen who promotes prostitution & stripping on his wall just called me an idiot. The misogyny involved is of a piece. Maybe if I tell him I strip so strange men can ogle me lasciviously, he’ll discover an intelligence he can’t see when I’m fully clothed & not pandering. Feminism scares puny souls.

Can’t believe the number of progressive Facebook friends who actively campaign for censorship on social media? What leads them to trust the armies of censors who openly collaborate with repressive governments? To my mind, it’s important to know what the rightwing are saying, what they’re promoting, what they’re doing. What’s to be afraid of in the fullest freedom of speech? What kind of authoritarian mindset believes freedom of speech is only for those who agree with you?

The distinctions between anti-Semitism & anti-Zionism are not subtle. Claiming evil Zionists are behind every single social problem on the planet is a not very well disguised form of anti-Semitism which does not strengthen Palestinian political power one iota but, on the contrary, undermines it. Zionist influence in politics is far-reaching. They play a role in war mongering, anti-immigration programs, eugenics & forced sterilization programs. But it is not clear whether they operate in rightwing politics as a function of their Zionism or if Zionism is on a continuum with their rightwing approach to all politics. That distinction matters. It isn’t useful to demonize them because that clouds judgement & really is a slippery slope to anti-Semitism.

We think Assad propagandists Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, & Max Blumenthal (if they can pull their noses out of Maduro’s ass) should hotfoot it back to Syria to investigate why Russian & Iranian forces are engaging in repeated military confrontations with each other. By investigate, we mean get programmed by their handlers in the Assad regime about what these conflicts mean in terms of a US ‘regime change operation’. We are assured that the price paid by civilians caught in the middle between Russia & Iran are of little interest to Assad’s squad of guppies.


There are several posts chastising Kashmiris for not holding public protests over the Bandipora incest-rape-suicide case. There is also an article titled “Kashmir’s Silence Over Rape: Why is Kashmir so quiet over the horrific Bandipora incest-rape-suicide case?” The author of the article writes, “Although gruesome incidents of sexual assault shake the Valley, they are downplayed in Kashmir’s political & media circles. The only narrative that seems to matter is the “Kashmir cause”. Even incest & rape get buried under that.”

No feminist would deny that rape & incest are political acts of women’s oppression, not just personal crimes. But there is an important distinction between rape & incest within a family & crimes like Kunan Poshpora where mass rape is an instrument of occupation & state oppression. One can hold public protest rallies against state oppression & crimes committed by occupation forces but it would be peculiar & inflammatory to hold a protest outside the family home of the rape & incest victim. A public & political response is required but its character would be different than a protest rally & have more the nature of a vigil for the young victim who committed suicide. Laws protecting women & children would have to be examined to make sure they are effective, operative, & enforced. The women’s movement has only begun work on these important issues & now must get past its apolitical self-indulgent ‘empowerment’ phase to doing the political work of addressing personal crimes that fall squarely under the rubrics of women’s oppression.

The Pakistani government under Imran Khan just gave Mohammed bin Salman the award of “Global Influential Figure of 2018” in recognition of his special achievements–particularly the achievements of carpet bombing Yemen for the past four years & beheading & dismembering a prominent journalist in the Saudi embassy without facing condemnation or censure. But then who in the world could censure him? Trump? Modi? Suu Kyi? Duterte? Assad? May? Macron? Merkel? This award follows on him receiving the Order of Pakistan, the highest civilian award from Pakistan, last February for signing $20 billion in investment deals.

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