Email response of Ilhan Omar to my request that she speak out for Kashmiris. She has not accepted or declined my request but is considering it. In her letter, she leaves her office phone numbers for any of you who would also like to request she speak for Kashmir.

India appears to be drawing from the sordid history of the British Raj for its policies in Kashmir. From colonized to colonizer.

An excellent report about pellet victims from the current crackdown in Kashmir, proving that the struggle for self-determination has not been daunted by Indian terrorism.

India lifted the curfew today to allow people to attend Friday prayers & also lifted the ban on public gatherings. Al Jazeera reports that despite the presence of Indian troops every few feet, they were regularly assailed by stone pelters & thousands protested after Friday prayers. Indian troops are continuing to use excessive force & there are young men in hospital fighting for their lives after assaults with pellet guns & rubber bullets.

These young men are running for cover from tear gas at the protest today in Srinagar.

We #StandWithKashmir. End the occupation.

(Photo by Dar Yasin/AP)

Well that didn’t take long. Al Jazeera reported moments ago that the curfew was lifted to allow Kashmiris to attend Friday prayers & that after prayers thousands of Kashmiris in Srinagar protested in the streets even though Indian troops fired at them with rubber bullets & tear gas.

These are some of the women protesters who we can see were brought to their knees by India’s barbarous actions.

(Photo by Dar Yasin/AP)