Vanessa Beeley doctors up her résumé to cover up being a horse back rider & salesperson

Vanessa Beeley changed her résumé completely after I ridiculed her for going from sales & equestrian shows to being the Leni Riefenstahl of the Assad regime in just a matter of weeks. Cynically sucking off the Palestinian struggle, she left out the sales & horse back riding & replaced it with adventures like tunneling into Gaza & being part of the Egyptian Arab Spring uprising. That must be where she got her loathing for Arabs, Muslims, & democratic uprisings. Or maybe she just learned it from her father who helped engineer the partition of Palestine for the British government. Reminds me of my underground days in the French resistance. That was just a matter of years after I hired on as a merchant marine & jumped ship in Madrid to fight in the brigades fighting General Franco. You’d think all that guerrilla warfare would have tuckered me out. But after I single-handedly handed the Vichy regime its ass, I smuggled into Vietnam, met up with Ho Chi Minh, & joined the People’s Army to defeat the French. It was hard adjusting to humdrum life after that but when the Vietnam War started, I again hotfooted it to Vietnam where I joined up with the Viet Cong & helped them hand the US military its ass. Yeah right!

Ahed & Nariman Tamimi given 8-month sentence & fine for phony-assed assault charges

Ahed & Nariman Tamimi (Bassem Tamimi) Mar 22 2018

Seventeen-year-old Ahed Tamimi & her mother Nariman were both sentenced to eight-months in prison plus a $1500 fine for each for assault charges. Their cousin/niece Nour was sentenced to five months. Compare this to the sentence of Israeli soldier Elor Azaria who in March 2016 walked up to a Palestinian teenager lying incapacitated from a gunshot wound on a Hebron street & shot him in the head. Despite video documentation, Azaria was sentenced to 18 months, later reduced to 14 months, for manslaughter. He will be released in May after serving 10 months of his sentence for summary execution.

When Ahed was asked how she felt about her sentencing, she responded, “There is no justice under occupation.” Damn straight, there isn’t.

End the occupation of Palestine. Self-determination for Palestinians.

(Photos of Ahed & Nariman from Bassem Tamimi)

Colleen Rowley, the “retired” FBI agent who leads the US antiwar movement & supports Assad & Putin, flagged my criminal record in 2000 for using a Weapon of Mass Destruction, making it impossible for me to get any job requiring a security check. I have been refused jobs as a substitute teacher, census taker, foster child advocate as a result. But I was never arrested, interrogated, formally charged, put on trial, or labeled a terrorist for carrying a WMD. So it appears the only criterion for being called a terrorist is being Muslim or Arab.

(Just for the record, I detest guns & last I checked, the smallest WMD weighs more than I do & wouldn’t fit in my handbag.)

Fascists Eva Bartlett & Vanessa Beeley

It is not gratuitous mockery to call Eva Bartlett & Vanessa Beeley fascists. It is the political science definition of their political ideology & commitments. On social media, both openly honor & associate with fascists, white supremacists, Islamophobes, & anti-Semites. They don’t just share those views but write eulogies for prominent fascists who croaked, post photos of themselves speaking at conferences of fascist groups, write for & edit fascist journals, including those of the appropriately named David Icke, & defend Assad, Putin, Suu Kyi, & other such murderous leaders. Like other Assadists, including white supremacist & KKK guy David Duke, they hide behind Palestinian solidarity–not because they respect Palestinians, who are after all brown people, but in order to have a go at Jews who they hate more. They are in fact fascists so it is not just upping the level of polemic to identify them as such.

Only fascists Eva Bartlett & Vanessa Beeley know the truth about what is going on in Syria because they’re paid by Syria & Russia to be ‘independent journalists’. We know that from their constant repetition of that claim. Dipshits around the world are eating this stuff up & repeating it like a mantra. They’d become dangerous if they dared to read real media. “They couldn’t handle the truth” so they resort to political farce.

US corrupt antiwar movement posits new theory of self-determination for dictators

Douma photos (Firas Abdullah) Mar 22 2018

Destruction from Syrian & Russian air strikes in Eastern Ghouta: Assadists & other fascists say this is necessary to protect the self-determination of the Assad dictatorship. Self-determination for dictators is a new political concept for former antiwar activists but the usual hack of fascism. How has it come that those who claim they oppose war now support the carpet bombing of civilians & march in lock-step with fascists? It’s called rotted at the core & time to skulk off the stage of history in ignominy.

(Photos by Firas Abdullah)

Rest In Peace Stephen Alonzo Clark

Stephen Alonzo Clark Mar 22 2018

Photo of 22-year-old Stephen Alonzo Clark. Clark, the father of two young boys, was shot 20 times Sunday night in the backyard of the Sacramento home where he lived with his grandparents & family. He was unarmed. Police have yet to explain why they shot him 20 times.


Kashmiri poet Rafiq Kathwari found Mir Laieeq’s anthemic expression of the meaning of azadi as inspiring as I do & wrote this poem, saying “The write up…wanted to be a poem. Appending, with apologies to Mir Laieeq for liberties taken.” I am honored to post it:

“Non-Lethal Pellet Guns

Yes, there are sorrows more lethal

than blindness but India knows

we can see, so can the world

community despite the fiscal

allure of shining New Delhi.

Despite its Hindu war on Kashmir,

India has failed to make bigotry

a central burden of our freedom

struggle. We haven’t turned into fiends,

have kept our dignity intact, our

compass points not towards Mecca

but human fraternity, a mirror

of who we are, what we aspire to be.”

—Mir Laieeq