Vanessa Beeley doctors up her résumé to cover up being a horse back rider & salesperson

Vanessa Beeley changed her résumé completely after I ridiculed her for going from sales & equestrian shows to being the Leni Riefenstahl of the Assad regime in just a matter of weeks. Cynically sucking off the Palestinian struggle, she left out the sales & horse back riding & replaced it with adventures like tunneling into Gaza & being part of the Egyptian Arab Spring uprising. That must be where she got her loathing for Arabs, Muslims, & democratic uprisings. Or maybe she just learned it from her father who helped engineer the partition of Palestine for the British government. Reminds me of my underground days in the French resistance. That was just a matter of years after I hired on as a merchant marine & jumped ship in Madrid to fight in the brigades fighting General Franco. You’d think all that guerrilla warfare would have tuckered me out. But after I single-handedly handed the Vichy regime its ass, I smuggled into Vietnam, met up with Ho Chi Minh, & joined the People’s Army to defeat the French. It was hard adjusting to humdrum life after that but when the Vietnam War started, I again hotfooted it to Vietnam where I joined up with the Viet Cong & helped them hand the US military its ass. Yeah right!