No one ever said it better than the detestable British racist Katie Hopkins: “You need to choose your monsters. And Assad is the best we have.” And Assad official Fares Shehabi reposted this.

Assad official Fares Shehabi claims Syrian & Russian bombers are fighting ISIS in Eastern Ghouta. He better straighten that out with his ventriloquist dummies Bartlett, Beeley, & Mackler who are gloating publicly that the Syrian army cleared ISIS out of Syria several weeks ago.

Indian soldiers patrol Kashmiri streets with assault rifles

Indian soldiers on patrol in Kashmir (Soan Kashmir) Mar 7 2018

Take a look at these guys. This is the face of military occupation in Kashmir. This is what little kids on their way to school or mosque have to see every day of their lives. Assault rifles on the public streets. Scares the hell out of anyone. This is what militarism looks like in Kashmir, Burma, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, Somalia, Libya.

Stand against this barbarism. Stand with the people of Kashmir & all those oppressed by war, occupation, genocide.

Kumar Sangakkara on anti-Muslim riots in Sri Lanka

Kumar Sangakkara Mar 7 2018

This is Kumar Sangakkara, a world-renowned Sri Lankan cricket player, speaking out against the anti-Muslim riots going on in Sri Lanka. Apparently standing with the persecuted & oppressed is a family heritage since his parents hid Tamil families during pogroms that began against them in 1983. Regrettably, I haven’t followed the complexities of the Sri Lankan struggle as closely as it deserves & will have to correct that.

One often sees photos of Sri Lankans in solidarity with Kashmiris so it is fitting that I found this video on a FB wall by Kashmiri activists.

Fascist Vanessa Beeley mocks suffering of children in Eastern Ghouta

To demonstrate that with Assad supporters/fascists there is never a new low, many are now posting photos of mangled, dismembered, bloody dolls to mock the children of Eastern Ghouta. Fascist propagandist Beeley initiated this detestable prank by posting a screen shot of an infant & claiming it was a doll. If there are such videos, they are manufactured in the same Assadist propaganda factory which tells ventriloquist dummies like Beeley & Bartlett what to say.

Fascist Vanessa Beeley denies children are being killed in Eastern Ghouta


This is the collage of photos used by fascist propagandist Vanessa Beeley in a March 6th article titled “White Helmets Exploit Children to ‘Manufacture Consent’ for ‘Humanitarian’ War in Syria.” She captioned the collage: “The White Helmets endlessly filmed & photographed carrying lone children towards the camera in similar surroundings.”

Only a depraved fascist would claim these photos were staged in some way because they are so clearly authentic & because photojournalists covering war, occupation, & genocide most often highlight how children are affected. That’s as true in Afghanistan, Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Yemen, & Rohingya refugee camps as it is in Syria. Of course it should be mentioned that Beeley has just written another rancid screed denouncing the Rohingya genocide as staged to discredit the Burmese junta & China.

Stand with the children of Syria & demand the immediate cessation of Russian, Syrian, & US coalition bombing & the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all foreign military forces from Syria.

(Photos of children being rescued by White Helmets are from different dates & different photographers, none of them Russian or Assadist.)

The utter depravity of Assadists defending the bombing of civilians in Eastern Ghouta

White Helmets rescuing baby White Helmets Mar 5 2018

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports that since February 18th–17 days of a ceasefire–805 civilians, including at least 178 children, have been killed by Russian & Syrian bombing in Eastern Ghouta. Unlike news blackouts on all other wars, there is considerable media coverage, with mountains of video & photographic documentation. Because of their power & poignancy, it is common & absolutely appropriate for photojournalists to focus on the suffering of children in war, occupation, genocide.

Governments like the US & EU nations are not denouncing Assad & media is not covering the Syrian counterrevolution because their politics have magically morphed & they now see the horrors of war. Under the guise of fighting ISIS, the US coalition has killed, injured, displaced, & traumatized hundreds of thousands of Syrians. What they have done in Iraq is beyond Armageddon. The US & European militaries are part of the counterrevolution (along with Russia, Iran, Turkey, Hezbollah, the Saudis, et al) but they have designs on Syria which have nothing to do with democracy & the fulfillment of the Arab Spring aspirations. They’re playing a duplicitous & dangerous game with the Syrian revolution–a duplicitous game which however does not fool the Assad regime, which is in many ways incidental to US designs on the region.

To show the utter depravity of Assadism-cum-fascism, Assad propagandists like Bartlett & Beeley are on a feverish campaign to combat the images of children in Eastern Ghouta in order to maintain that Russia & Syria are bombing terrorists, not civilians. There aren’t many serious, reputable journalists they can turn to so they’re resorting to Islamophobic & racist extremists like Katie Hopkins & Peter Hitchens for support. They are going through a few of the hundreds of videos from Ghouta as if they were forensic investigators to show that children buried in rubble or rescued are either human shields for terrorists or agitprops in terrorist propaganda films. How loathsome & low can you go!?

Bartlett spent several months in Gaza, most likely to get credentials as a professional propagandist. She knows exactly what to claim about the slaughter of children in Eastern Ghouta because it is identical to what Israeli & Zionist propagandists claimed when Israel was engaged in carpet bombing Gaza in 2014. They called videos of suffering children in Gaza Pallywood productions & the “Palestinian fake image industry” even though several human rights agencies reported that Israel directly targeted children. Just as Assad & Russian war planes are directly targeting children & civilians, not terrorists.

Stand with the Syrian people by demanding the immediate cessation of Russian, Syrian, & US coalition bombing of civilians & the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all foreign military forces from Syria.

Long live the Syrian revolution against the Assad regime.

(Photo of child being rescued in Eastern Ghouta on March 5th, from White Helmets)