Children’s concentration camp art: this drawing by a child of the McAllen, Texas children’s concentration camp resonates with the drawings of Palestinian children after Israeli bombing & massacres. We can’t even imagine what Kashmiri, Rohingya, Uyghur & other persecuted children would draw if they were asked. Art is used as therapy to help children express the trauma they feel. But expressing their fear & loss cannot exorcise the emotional, psychological, & spiritual damage that persecution does to their fragile souls.

These drawings are a clarion call, not just to oppose & stop the US concentration camps for children & other refugees but to demand immigration & refugee rights all over the world.

(Drawing from Belinda Arriaga on Twitter)

This is what a child at the McAllen, Texas concentration camp for refugee children drew when a volunteer from the University of San Francisco sat with them.

(Drawing from Belinda Arriaga on Twitter)

A group of volunteers from the San Francisco area came to McAllen, Texas, a main crossing point for refugees where there is a concentration camp for children. They posted this photo from the Catholic Charities center of a child just released from the concentration camp. This little one has no shoes & a dirty diaper that looks like it hasn’t been changed for days. The group members reported that most of the kids did not have shoes.

The lawyer team that recently visited the camps reported they saw children who were unresponsive, feverish, vomiting. One 2-year-old was completely unresponsive & limp & her eyes were rolled back in her head. None were receiving medical care. How is torturing small children in such monstrous ways not the ethos of Auschwitz?

So far, the main immigration rights group here, which receives substantial monies through the Democratic Party, has not held any rallies at the local concentration camp but only a one-hour after dark prayer vigil for those who have died.

(Photo from Belinda Arriaga, a USF professor who was part of the volunteer group)

Socialist supporters of Sanders are attempting to malign those who think him a populist windbag as anti-Semitic & are posting this cartoon by Washington Post cartoonist Ann Telnaes as evidence. Apparently they don’t know that noses play a dominating role in caricature, not just in hateful ones toward Jews, Arabs, & Blacks. This is clearly a reference to Pinocchio & to Sander’s dissembling response to a question on gun control during the recent Democratic candidates debate. That’s why his Pinocchio nose is drawn like a rifle.

Is that the best they can to justify campaigning for a Democrat? We’re gonna see them go a lot lower. Why don’t they just go full monty Democrat & get it over with?

(Cartoon by Ann Telnaes)

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) reports that Syrian & Russian bombers in Idlib are targeting schools along with hospitals, homes, & crops. As of yesterday 77 schools & 30 hospitals have been bombed. An estimated 43,000 children have been forced out of school, the education of 400,000 affected.

The crisis also affects Syrian refugee children. Just in Turkey, 1,047,000 Syrian refugees are school age children. According to data from the Turkish Ministry of Education, only 643,000 of them are registered in school; 403,000 are not getting educations, at least outside the home.

Parents are consoled however knowing their children’s educations & futures were destroyed to protect the Assad dictatorships’ right to self-determination, according to the corrupted antiwar & socialist movements.

(Photo of children in Aleppo, 2016, from VOA)

“It was the colonialist’s frenzy to unveil the Algerian woman, it was his gamble on winning the battle of the veil at whatever cost that were to provoke the native’s bristling resistance.”

–Frantz Fanon, from the essay “Algeria Unveiled” in his book “A Dying Colonialism,” 1959

The full essay “Algeria Unveiled” is useful to read for insights into the psychopathology of ‘war on terror’ persecution of the Islamic veil.

(Photo from Kashmiri Uzma Shaheen on Twitter)

Statistics we should know about Palestinian refugees in Syria:

In 2011, there were 526,744 registered Palestinian refugees in Syria; the UN estimates there are 438,000 still there;

95% of Palestinians in Syria require continuous humanitarian aid (which is not forthcoming from the Assad regime). The effect of US aid cuts to Palestinian refugees in Syria will be ‘massive & tragic’, according to an official from Palestinian League for Human Rights;
3,894 Palestinian refugees, including 200 children, have been killed since 2011 (as of October 2018);

1,600 Palestinians have been forcibly disappeared (as of May 2017), 1,758 remain imprisoned in Assad’s gulag; 606 have been tortured to death in Assad’s gulag;

79,000 Palestinian refugees fled Syria to Europe for asylum as of January 2017; the Jordanian government refuses them entry for asylum as war refugees; tens of thousands who fled to Lebanon are persecuted & live in subhuman conditions.

(Photo of Palestinian refugees in Syria from Reuters)

This is 29-year-old Rami Suleiman, a Palestinian refugee being held in Assad’s gulag for the sixth year. Assad forces kidnapped him at a checkpoint & are holding him though he is diagnosed with kidney disorders & requires regular medical care. Action Group for Palestinians of Syria (AGPS) document (from affidavits by ex-detainees & photos leaked from prisons) the incarceration of 1,758 Palestinian refugees in Syrian prisons (many of them secret prisons), including children, women with infants, elderly. According to the documentation, they are subjected to psycho-physical torture, including electric shocks, assaults using iron weapons, & sexual abuse.

AGPS has also documented the deaths of 606 Palestinian refugees from torture in Assad’s gulag since 2011. Many of them were identified through the 25,000 photos (known as the Caesar photos) leaked by Assad’s official prison photographer who fled into exile. AGPS believes the real number of Palestinian refugees tortured to death by Assad to be far higher. There are no known terrorists among the victims, only activists in the Arab Spring, medics, engineers, students, journalists, artists.

Their grieving families will not be heartened to know that the corrupted antiwar & socialist movements consider this all lies but anyway don’t give a rat’s ass because all murderous human rights crimes are justified to protect the Assad dictatorship’s right to self-determination.

(Photo of Rami Suleiman from AGPS)