Statistics we should know about Palestinian refugees in Syria:

In 2011, there were 526,744 registered Palestinian refugees in Syria; the UN estimates there are 438,000 still there;

95% of Palestinians in Syria require continuous humanitarian aid (which is not forthcoming from the Assad regime). The effect of US aid cuts to Palestinian refugees in Syria will be ‘massive & tragic’, according to an official from Palestinian League for Human Rights;
3,894 Palestinian refugees, including 200 children, have been killed since 2011 (as of October 2018);

1,600 Palestinians have been forcibly disappeared (as of May 2017), 1,758 remain imprisoned in Assad’s gulag; 606 have been tortured to death in Assad’s gulag;

79,000 Palestinian refugees fled Syria to Europe for asylum as of January 2017; the Jordanian government refuses them entry for asylum as war refugees; tens of thousands who fled to Lebanon are persecuted & live in subhuman conditions.

(Photo of Palestinian refugees in Syria from Reuters)