How could we forget that corrupt antiwar activists, like those who lead Women Against Military Madness in Minneapolis, now claim that Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians is not their concern, but only US bombing? It’s a damn good thing the millions around the world who protested the Vietnam War didn’t share that corrupt, racist, xenophobic point of view.

Idlib has so preoccupied my attention that I have not paid proper attention to the momentous events in Sudan nor to the massive pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong which numbered one-million last weekend & seven-million this weekend. That inattention will be corrected this week but meanwhile it is wondrous to see these phalanxes of Chinese activists again playing such a leading role in human history & in our struggle for democracy & equality.

This small girl being treated in a field hospital is one of the lucky children who has, at least for now, survived the relentless barrel bombing of Syrian & Russian war planes over Idlib. We really hope the fat-headed socialists (like the ones from the cult Socialist Action) who support this bombing to defend ‘self-determination for the Assad dictatorship’ will send another delegation, like the one they sent to kiss Assad’s ass, to explain to these men, women, & children that bombing them to smithereens, killing tens of thousands of them, & forcing millions into exile is the price they have to pay for an antiwar & socialist movement that is in the final stages of terminal decay.

Stop the bombing. Stop the war on the Syrian Arab Spring uprising.

(Photo from Bivi#Rise4Idlib on Twitter)

This is baby Zahiaan Uddin, a Rohingya newborn whose grandparents were born in Burma & stripped of citizenship. His parents were both born in Bangladeshi refugee camps without citizenship. Baby Zahiaan, whose parents found asylum in Ireland, was born in Ireland “as equal as everyone born on this island.”

We join with Rohingya activists in working for the day when that will be true for all their children wherever they are born, including in Arakan/Rakhine state, Burma.

(Tweeted by Rohingya Action Ireland)

This little girl Lana Fadel did not survive Syrian & Russian bombing of Idlib. May she Rest In Peace.

(Photo from Syrian source)

This protest in solidarity with Idlib is in Boulder, Colorado. It is hardly the largest or most impressive protest yesterday out of many. Nor does it reflect the huge number of activists who posted placards on social media reading “Stop bombing Idlib.” But what this protest & all the other protests do show is the immense potential for building a principled & massive antiwar movement to replace the corrupted remnants of the old one who vigorously chased the ass of the Assad dictatorship & support Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians.

Stop the bombing of Idlib! Stop the war on then Syrian Arab Spring uprising!

(Photo from #EyesOnIdlib on Twitter)

This little girl survived the Russian bombing massacre of al-Bara, a village in Idlib province an hour south of Aleppo. She has survived without being disfigured or dismembered but not without the devastation of war trauma & PTSD to haunt her entire life. The entire region is under siege by Syrian & Russian bombers, troops, & Iranian militias. We hope her medical treatment is completed before Russian & Syrian bombers get to this medical facility.

Over three-million people lived in communities in Idlib & Hama but since the bombing & ground troop assault by Syria, Russia, & Iran began several weeks ago, over 270,000 have fled for their lives, unable to cross the closed Turkish border, & forced to live in squalid refugee camps. For those who so misguidedly want the US to militarily interfere to stop this carnage, US officials say it’s none of their business since they are engaged in conflicts with ISIS somewhere else. Bombing civilians is what the US does in Syria & several other countries so why would civilians in Idlib be of any concern to the Pentagon?

There are many political commentators of some renown who have not yet, after 8 years, expressed their views on the carnage in Syria. Their cowardice, so easy to confuse with complicity, will not be forgotten. Others like Tariq Ali, John Pilger, Robert Fisk, Patrick Cockburn, Vijay Prashad, Noam Chomsky, have become acolytes of the Assad dictatorship & follow the droppings of Assad propagandists like Beeley & Bartlett as though they were the gospel truth. Then there are the social climbers & Pilger wannabes like Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton, Rania Khalek, Jonathan Cook, who are scrambling to salvage their careers from lies & ignominy. They bet on the wrong horse. They expected to advance their so-called journalistic careers by sucking up to Assad but they’ve lost their careers & no one trusts them. Most of these creeps will survive their treachery regarding the Syrian Arab Spring uprising & will continue to rake in honoraria, publish articles (at least in Russian media), publish unread books (published by Verso press), be treated as √©minences grises & celebrities by those without an ounce of political discernment. But it’s over for them whether they recognize it or not. Their sorry asses are no loss but the military defeat of the Syrian Arab Spring which they ensured will remain one of the greatest political reversals of our times.

A salute to the Syrian Arab Spring, which till the last fighter goes down defies the Assad dictatorship & Syrian, Russian, Iranian, & US-coalition military aggression.

(Photo from several Syrian sources on Twitter)

Assadists have been gloating over their interpretation that the Mueller report exonerates Putin from involvement in US elections. But anyway, Russian interference in rigged elections is hardly a central issue in world politics. The wars in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, & Libya are. The Uyghur & Rohingya genocide are. The struggles against occupation in Palestine & Kashmir are. The uprising in Sudan is. Unfortunately, the only thing any Assadists have had to say on these is to deny the Uyghur & Rohingya genocides & occupation of Kashmir & attribute them to ‘Wahhabi-Salafi jihadi terrorists.”

So we’d like Assadists to stop harping on Russian meddling in US elections, stop talking about the occupation of that abandoned embassy in DC, stop making Assange defense the epicenter of world politics, & make some judgements about Russian meddling in the Sudanese African Spring uprising. Since they ardently support Iranian & Russian military interference in Syria, including massive bombing, since they haven’t uttered a peep about the carnage in Idlib except to claim Syria & Russia are bombing ‘Salafi-jihadi terrorists’ because there are no civilians living in Idlib, do they support Russia continuing its mining operations in Sudan & above all, do they support Russia continuing to provide arms to the Sudanese military now murdering, raping, torturing democracy activists? Evasions don’t cut it. We want to hear your explanation for Russian military support to repressing & murdering Sudanese protesters. It’s gonna be a doozy.

Photo is ousted Sudanese dictator Omar Al-Bashir meeting with Putin in the Kremlin, in July 2018.

(Photo by Alexei Druzhinin/TASS)