The ragged ends of the US antiwar movement are up in arms–& quite rightly–about US threats of war against Venezuela & Iran. But it’s been years since they spoke out or organized actions against the wars already going on in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya. They have instead lobbied for Assad & campaigned for Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians. The betrayal of principles is historic & irredeemable.

Facebook constantly asks for my phone number. They don’t have customer service & cannot be contacted when they unfairly bounce me, so why in the hell would they want to call me?

Before Global Research came out full monty fascist, it posted a May 2016 article written by me for Countercurrents on the Rohingya genocide. Global Research now openly endorses that genocide & I deeply regret & resent that they have not removed my article as contrary to their politics. I have never had any association with that piece of crap journal.

Aung San Suu Kyi took office as president (a civilian front for the military) in April 2016. This photo is from the Burmese army’s 2012 genocidal siege against the Rohingya. Tens of thousands fled for their lives to Bangladesh whose border guards, under the presidency of Sheikh Hasina, were turning them away by the boatloads. There are many wrenching photos from that event, like this one, showing Rohingya fathers pleading with the border guards to allow them entry.

The article from Countercurrents:


You don’t really want to have your stuff published in Mint Press or Global Research. At least since the Arab Spring uprisings, Global Research & its ugly stepchild Mint Press have become the leading voices & in some ways the halfway houses to fascism. In the manner of national socialism, they talk populist rhetoric to peddle Islamophobia, rabid anti-Semitism, nationalism, xenophobia, & support for fascist or repressive regimes around the world.

You can simply google these journals to find countless articles documenting this accusation. They were particularly virulent against the Syrian Arab Spring uprising but they attributed all of the Arab Spring to US & Israeli meddling, especially that of George Soros. There are absolutely legitimate & damning criticisms of Soros’ role in politics but the way Global Research, Mint Press, & other Assadist propagandists use him is for hating on Jews, what most of them call the Illuminati who they claim run the world–just like Hitler & the Nazis claimed, but even worse since the Illuminati are extraterrestrial reptiles.

During the 2014 protests of millions in Hong Kong, Global Research published articles denouncing them as products of US meddling, including USAID, National Endowment for Democracy, Human Rights Watch, & of course George Soros. One of the diatribes was written by Sara Flounders, a creepy Stalinist & prominent Assadist who was part of the so-called peace delegation sucking up to Assad & assuring him the US antiwar movement was behind his dictatorship & would promote Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians.
Now Global Research & Mint Press are vilifying the current Hong Kong protests as products of US meddling. They haven’t mentioned Soros yet but give them time & they’ll cook up a connection. Global Research also supports & campaigns for Duterte’s war against the urban poor, denies & campaigns for the Uyghur & Rohingya genocides, & is the rah rah chorus braying like jackasses against the Syrian Arab Spring.

It isn’t that the US, European nations, Israel, or even the Soros foundation do not interfere in social movements domestically & in other countries. Of course they do & massively. To deny that would be naive if not completely stupid. But Global Research, Mint Press, & other propaganda organs take this reality to paranoidal & conspiratorial extremes for the purpose of advancing the hatred of Muslims & Jews, of supporting repressive regimes & discrediting & mocking the popular democratic movements against them as stooges of foreign powers. Such a corrupt political orientation is rooted in profound racism, xenophobia, white supremacy.

Photo is June 16th, 2019 protest in Hong Kong. Vilify that, Assadists & other fascists!

(Photo from several sources on Twitter)

The Hong Kong government suspended the proposed extradition bill after massive protests against it of over two million out of a population of seven million. The city was at a standstill. Suspending the bill is not the same as scrapping it because technically it could be reintroduced, although politically it is dead in the water.

The extradition bill would have allowed Hong Kong to send prisoners, including protesters & political dissidents, to mainland China where they would end up in Xi Jingping’s gulag. This suspension is a major victory for democracy in China.

(Photo June 16th protest by Kyle Lam/Bloomberg)

It’s something less than a worthless honorific for Netanyahu to name a pasture in the Golan Heights after Trump. Is there at least an outhouse there, cause then it would make sense?