Britain’s extreme right-wing meathead Katie Hopkins said in an interview: “There will not be peace in Israel until you remove the people who don’t belong there….it will be a one-state solution.” By “the people who don’t belong there,” she means the indigenous Palestinians. By a one-state solution, she does not mean a democratic, secular state of the kind proposed by Palestinian visionaries. She means a colonial Jewish-only state based on Zionist racism & Palestinian genocide & ethnic cleansing. There can be no confusions on the distinctions between the two.

(Flattering photo of Katie Hopkins)

For some reason the RGV animal rescue sites on FB are not uploading the photo of this sweet little dog. He was found in Mission two days ago. It’s not known if he was lost or abandoned. Before I relinquish him to Yaqui rescue for adoption, can someone please post this notice to the RGV sites?

“They keep saying those opposed to {prostitution} are confusing human trafficking with those who make a choice to be prostitutes. They always bring up those out there who claim to be making a choice and it makes me feel like my head will explode.

“I am not sure they ever suggest a way to combat human trafficking. I don’t think they think it’s their problem to deal with. I know people who got sucked into it, and I almost did. These people would be cheering my being dragged into it saying it’s my choice yet I never wanted it. They would be fighting for my right to be abused. It’s quite chilling that they believe they are right even though I prefer better options in my life, for myself and for others.”
–A Facebook friend

‘Hope springs eternal’ & that’s what gives freedom struggles all over the world a fighting chance. But where hope is absolutely worthless is believing agencies of oppression, like the US Democratic Party or ASEAN, will transform themselves & switch loyalties from the side of capital to that of working people. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit is going on in Bangkok, Thailand & media is reporting that the crisis of the Rohingya genocide will be pursued. Putting aside that Thailand as a matter of policy forces Rohingya refugee boats back out to sea, it is not the political nature of ASEAN to seriously address human rights issues since it is primarily a sweatshop economics & military alliance. It’s the wrong venue for hope to be applied but the right place for Rohingya political pressure to be amped up to expose the political collusion of ASEAN’s member nations with the Burmese genocidaires.

This is a series of posts I’ve done on ASEAN & the Rohingya crisis which may give some insight into the organization:

(Photo from Reuters is mug shot of ASEAN 2019 participants)