Trump apparently came by his sycophancy to Betty Windsor & feudalism quite naturally. His Scottish mother Mary was a rabid monarchist who after moving to the US married Fred, a member of the KKK who marched around in bed sheets pretending he was superior to Blacks who are so much better looking than ill-favored Fred could ever hope to be even with prosthetics or cosmetic surgery. Mary’s hair style was an architectural monstrosity of backcombing that was simply au courant in the early 1960s for older women. Once created, they became petrified by hair spray & could not be altered until death. This almost certainly led to brain damage for poor Mary plus unhygienic infestations of small critters that attached themselves to her brain stem. This would explain her politics, her choice of husband, & the unfortunate lunk that is her son. It also explains his hair style & his stinking rotten politics. Though he hasn’t got infestations to deal with, he most certainly suffers brain damage.

(Photo is Mary Trump)

We’re having a hard time identifying which “al-Qaeda affiliated Salafi-jihadi terrorist” group this little boy in Idlib belongs to. Come on now, is he really that traumatized by Syrian & Russian carpet bombing of homes, schools, markets, & hospitals or is he, as Assad propagandists claim, just another crisis actor trained to cry on cue by the White Helmets?

Stop the bombing of Idlib & Hama! Stop the war on the Syrian Arab Spring uprising!

(Photo from White Helmets)

On the 52nd anniversary of the 1967 Six-Day War between Israel, Jordan, Egypt, & Syria, a watershed moment in Palestinian history.

This is the 52th commemoration of the June 5th to 10th, 1967 Six-Day War when the Israeli military routed the armies of Jordan, Egypt, & Syria. It is a watershed & deeply tragic moment in Palestinian history ushering in now 50 years of occupation, apartheid, & repeated sieges of carpet bombing over Gaza.

Israel’s victory demonstrated its value to the US as a fortress for US hegemony in the Middle East & US military aid has been increasing ever since. The war altered the relationship between the US & Arab countries to the disadvantage of the Arab peoples & altered the relationship between Arab regimes & the Palestinian people.

In violation of international law, Israel militarily occupied more of Palestine, including the Golon Heights, Gaza, the West Bank, & East Jerusalem & launched an aggressive settlement program moving Zionist settlers from all over the world to claim Palestinian land in the occupied territories.

Many politicians & liberal Zionists call for Israel to remove its troops & go back to the 1967 borders. That’s essentially the unworkable, unacceptable bantustate solution. The only possible resolution is a democratic secular state for Jews & Palestinians with the 1948 borders, including all of Palestine before Zionist paramilitary terrorists dispossessed them.

Commemorate the 50th anniversary by honoring & building the cultural & economic boycott of Israel (BDS); buy nothing with barcode beginning 729.

A UN resolution condemning the Sudan military’s merciless attack on unarmed democracy protesters was blocked by China & Russia, both of whom Assadists hail as champions of the oppressed. That’s the same function the two countries play in Syria, Burma, & elsewhere. The US has not “lost moral authority as a democratic champion,” as this article claims, since its several wars, concentration camps for refugees & violence against refugee children in those camps places it among the most violent countries in the world. Nor is the US passive in the face of the Sudanese uprising, despite its former condemnations of the murderous Omar al-Bashir regime. As in Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, the most threatening political force for the US, China, Russia, & other repressive regimes is not military dictatorship but the emergence of a popular movement demanding democracy & the end of dictatorial rule.


Hundreds of Kashmiris gathered in the main street of the old city of Srinagar for Al-Quds/Palestine Day on May 31st, 2019. Since the Vietnam War, active international solidarity with freedom struggles & against war, occupation, & genocide has seldom been at a lower ebb than it is now. But it is safe to say that Kashmiris, themselves sustaining a brutal occupation, are among the most consistent & committed, especially in their support for Palestinians & Rohingyas. In the necessary transformation to active solidarity, Kashmiris show the way.

(Photo of Al-Quds protest by Faisal Khan)

There’s a large number of “retired” FBI, CIA, State Department, Pentagon & military officials who became born-again antiwar leaders upon receiving their pensions. Since, by their own admission, they consult with active-duty operatives from their former agencies, I don’t trust them one iota. I don’t trust that they aren’t still on the payroll since their primary purpose has been to promote Assad. But there is a broader phenomenon of such high-level US spies & military officials ostensibly defecting from their former, well-remunerated, lifelong commitments to US political & military power. Iran’s New Horizon conference for prominent fascists from around the world attracts holocaust deniers & other rabid anti-Semites, Islamophobes & proponents of ‘war on terror’ ideology, disoriented Palestine supporters like Greta Berlin, Medea Benjamin, Miko Peled, Abby Martin, & a huge number of “retired” FBI, CIA, State Department, Pentagon & military officials. The fascists & “retired” US government functionaries make up the majority of attendees.

Is there a disaffection going on at the highest levels among US government functionaries? Did they sit on those disaffections with US militarism their whole damn lives & only get voluble about them when they had their pensions in hand? Or are they pulling a fast one on us?

On Monday, the Sudanese military stopped its temporizing maneuvers against the African Spring protesters & opened fire on them. It is the beginning of the counterrevolution. There should be protests around the world in defense of the protesters whose victory against military despotism would mark a tsunamic political advance for the oppressed & freedom struggles everywhere.

Anyone who has paid careful attention to Aung San Suu Kyi since 2012 understands that she has been a party to the genocide against Rohingyas. In 2012, in the midst of a military onslaught against the Rohingya people, she went to belatedly receive the Nobel Peace Prize & several other honorifics but never once mentioned the Rohingya nor condemned the genocidal assault against them. Still this writer calls her involvement in that genocide ‘her failure to speak out against ethnic cleansing” & “failure to condemn the military‚Äôs violent crackdown.” As one of my FB friends says, “This Teflon-coated former martyr could goose-step her way into Poland while throwing Nazi salutes & her former fawners would put it down to Stockholm Syndrome resulting from PTSD from her years under house arrest.”

All the hotshot so-called “Marxists” are clamoring for one inclusive party for all the socialists to join but none of them want to talk politics because that would get in the way of the kind of unity they seek. Most of them have never gotten off their asses to do anything so maybe they don’t know how unworkable that would be or how many times that concept has ingloriously failed before. Color me a bull-headed sectarian, but I do not want to join a group with anti-Semites, holocaust deniers, & David Icke supporters, with Stalinist Assad & Putin supporters, with those who promote Muslim-hating ‘war on terror’ ideology, or with creepy Maoists who claim the Tiananmen Square massacre never happened but if there was a scuffle where someone got hurt, it was a socialist regime’s defense against snot-nosed rich kids who wanted to restore capitalism. I don’t want to be forced to socialize with those who deny the Rohingya & Uyghur genocides or who support Duterte’s vigilante war against the urban poor. I don’t want to be in a party that forms the left wing of the Democratic Party, has alliances with fascists, calls for voting for ‘lesser evils’. Unfortunately, those who claim they’re socialists today include legions who hold those detestable views.

A political party is about competing for state power. It isn’t a social club or a subculture. To be worth a damn, it has to be rooted in political principles which today are considered bull-headed sectarianism. If those principles get in the way of united action–& they certainly do over Syria, China, Russia, Burma, the Arab Spring uprisings, that ‘regime-change operation’ crap–then best we go our separate ways.