While cleaning the yard, I came across a whopping new hole for a burrowing animal of some kind. The neighbor tells me a guy up the street reported that his pet anaconda snake escaped & he thinks maybe that snake is in my backyard. Maybe the neighbor guy is trying to scare me; maybe he isn’t. He is a Trump supporter after all & cognition is not their strong point. Taking no chances, I’m going to call animal control & ask them to deal with it. I saw “Anaconda” with Jennifer Lopez & have no intention of living in a horror movie.

Catholic priests in Poland burned books they say promoted sorcery, including a Harry Potter novel. No one has yet called this the ‘Christianizing’ or ‘Vaticanizing’ of Poland like they throw around the term ‘Islamicizing’. Will those who use that term please elaborate the use of religion by states as a form of repression & social control so we do not confuse it with garden variety ‘war on terror’ rhetoric?