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Are there any brains left in hasbara-land?

Gaza Tunnel August 11 2014

The camera may turn out to be Israel’s worst enemy. If there are any brains left in hasbara-land they need to confiscate all cameras, eject photojournalists from the occupied territories, & censor what gets published because the photos coming out are worth a thousand lies. This one might be worth a few laughs.

The caption to this photo said: “Israeli soldiers stand next to a hole in the ground they suspect is connected to a tunnel, outside the Gaza Strip August 10, 2014.” Now to the rest of us it looks like a rabbit hole. And if it connected to an alleged “attack tunnel”, what harm could it posssilby do? Can Hamas launch a rocket from that hole? Can a Hamas fighter squeeze through it to attack a kibbutz in Israel? Is this the only evidence they can provide of those “attack tunnels” which they used to justify the carpet bombing of Gaza?

Truth of the matter is Israel has no documentation of a single accusation against Hamas except a few 20-second grainy shots of un-repaired potholes which might just as well be taken in Des Moines, Iowa–& not after a tornado. When you visit the Zionist sites promoting these grainy shots it’s observable they’ve abandoned all their critical faculties to justify genocide in Gaza. That utter dishonesty & psychic fracturing is a regrettable thing to witness & in the long run is part of Israel’s undoing.

Continue to tweet photos of Israeli carnage in Gaza; continue to tell the truth about genocide in Gaza. Keep marching & evangelize for the economic boycott of Israel (barcode beginning 729).

(Photo by Amir Cohen/Reuters)

The Guardian UK and Eely-Oily Weasel

Palestinian father August 10 2014

To say The Guardian (UK) newspaper is heads over US media isn’t very much flattery at all. Many amateur bloggers are as well. Without the Fourth Estate, there’s an entire class of well-educated ne’er-do-wells in both countries who’d be standing on street corners with tin cups. Instead they sing for their supper. The Guardian is an old newspaper that originated nearly 200 years ago in Manchester among non-conformist merchants & mill owners. Non-conformist does not mean radical but expressing a desire for a democratic press among the privileged middle classes. One working class paper referred to the Guardian as “the foul prostitute & dirty parasite of the worst portion of the mill-owners.” We don’t even want to know what that means.

It can be argued the paper has very useful coverage on a whole range of political subjects. But those who look to The Guardian for counsel on war, colonialism, or occupation are barking up the wrong tree. To cite only the more egregious of it’s views: it supported British occupation in Northern Ireland & defended British soldiers who shot down unarmed protesters in the Bloody Sunday massacre of 1972, claiming the IRA used protesters as human shields.

The Guardian also supported the US war against the “evil regime in Iraq” since it began in 1990 & agreed Iraq had to be disarmed of the fictional weapons of mass destruction.

In 1948, The Guardian supported the new state of Israel. C.P. Scott, the editor at that time had links to Zionism through his friendship with Chaim Weizmann, president of the British Zionist Federation & the World Zionist Organization, & later first president of Israel in 1949. That was then, this is now. But while articles now by Seumas Milne (a columnist & associate editor) call genocide in Gaza what it is, much of The Guardian coverage of Gaza has hasbara written all over it.

Now some are actually shocked The Guardian would agree to publish the scurrilous ad by Eely-Oily Weasel (known best by his stage name Elie Wiesel) accusing Palestinians of using their children as human shields, or “child sacrifice” as this former terrorist calls it. Weasel won the Nobel Peace Prize for lying & deserves an Oscar for his performance as grieving holocaust survivor. He draws on the Bible & the holocaust to make his odious imputations against Palestinian parents.

There was  a petition to The Guardian condemning The Guardian’s decision to publish Eely-Oily Weasel’s ad which garnered thousands of signatories.

Those who think Weasel wears a halo & fall for his phony tears ought to read the condemnation of Israeli ethnic cleansing in Gaza by dozens of holocaust survivors who recognize Zionism as a rancid devil’s brew of racism & colonialism. One of the most powerful indictments of Weasel’s ad is from a former officer in the Israeli military who doesn’t buy the sanctimony for one moment & excoriates that ad.Once again, we only intrude on this man’s grief in response to the odious lies of St. Weasel. This is the father of one of the four boys torpedoed to death on July 16th as they played football on the beach.

(Photo by Hosam Salem)

Does Israel use bullets to take out cement tunnels?

Bullet Casings--Gaza August 7 2014

Now here’s a curious phenomenon worthy of a UN investigation for Israeli war crimes. Israel claims it bombed homes, schools, hospitals, mosques, markets, & refugee centers to take out “attack tunnels” hidden in them between Gaza & Israel which Hamas would use at some future point for terrorist attacks on Israel. There are presently no charges against Hamas for ever having used one of these tunnels to enter Israel. There’s presently no evidence they exist.

That would explain–though it can never be said, justify–why Israel bombed those places. But what explains the bullet casings left by Israeli soldiers on the floors of homes in Gaza? Is the most sophisticated military force in the world trying to take out alleged cement tunnels with bullets? Or were they more likely trying to kill the inhabitants–that is the ones who couldn’t escape & weren’t already buried in rubble?

This photo is a man in Rafah, Gaza cleaning up Israeli bullet casings in his sister’s bombed out house.

Respond to Israeli lies with massive protests & by honoring the economic boycott of Israel (barcode beginning 729).

(Photo by Khalil Hamra/AP)

Kooky ideas in the service of social hatred

In the rubble August 7 2014

A blowhard I once knew morphed into a rabid Zionist. He was no prize package before that but when he started spouting hasbara, he just got ugly. He wrote a biography where he described growing up with parents who met at a séance conducted by a dead 13th century crusader & steeped his childhood in ghostly apparitions, spirit guides, star charts, & astral planes. So his embrace of Zionist irrationality just fit right in with all the other goblins.

Now this morning I received a video titled “Synagogue of Satan” by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock from a person who said we have to spread it’s truth far & wide. One minute into the video & you can see it coming: the devil’s brew of illuminati, Free Masons, & Rothschild bankers that makes up the heart of libertarian conspiracy theory (if you can call crazy theory). The new (now former) friend explained to me that Jesus was not a Jew but considered them sorcerers, vipers, hypocrites whose father was the devil–& she managed to get the antichrist & Bolsheviks in there too. At the end, reminiscent of that final scene in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” she accused me of being “one of them.”

The ability to believe kooky things contrary to all the evidence is a hallmark not just of Zionists but in almost every instance of irrational beliefs, there is a direct connection to social hatred of some kind, especially racism. Many liberal Zionists cannot accept the reality of mountains of evidence for ethnic cleansing in Gaza because they cannot break with Zionist belief in the special character & superiority of Jews nor can they break with racism toward Palestinians–which they hide behind criticisms of Hamas rockets. The political problems of Hamas have nothing to do with Israeli ethnic cleansing–which is why evidence is eschewed & irrationality embraced to defend Israel.

But irrationality employed ostensibly to defend Palestinians is just as vile. You cannot oppose racism & social hatred by spouting crazy-assed theories about illuminati & Jewish bankers. The other guy who plied that kind of crap was Adolph Hitler.

So unless you want to end up as a status on my wall, keep that crap away from here. Palestinian justice deserves better than that. You can’t serve justice with hatred.

This young boy in Rafah, Gaza is looking for belongings midst the rubble of his house.

(Photo by Hatem Ali/AP)

Homeless in Gaza

Displaced Gazans August 7 2014

While Israel is taking a brief rest from slaughter, displaced Palestinians are traveling back to the rubble that once was home. These little kids who just went through a living hell are leaving a school serving as a UN refugee center in Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza, a few miles from the hills of Sderot where their suffering was a spectator sport. The brief respite allows those psychos to run home now to check the mail & feed the dog.

The UN reported Israel bombed six UN refugee centers & that eight UN staff member have been killed. They also report the shells hit the centers while children & infants slept next to their parents. And still the best Ban Ki-moon can come up with is a wimpy complaint to Israel & a “shame on you” to both Israel & Hamas. It isn’t that the UN isn’t on top of things; they have more access to information than the entire Twitter-sphere which sent hundreds of images of Palestinian children round the world–images which are shattering the edifice of Zionist propaganda & the romance of Exodus mythology. Nothing explains the deafening silence of the UN & its refusal to indict Israel for war crimes except collusion with Israel & it’s allies.

Many laud the actions of Latin American regimes who issued objections or recalled their ambassadors after nearly four weeks of ethnic cleansing. Admirable, but mighty insufficient when you consider the massive political power they could bring to bear on Israel & the US or the massive humanitarian aid they could mobilize if they were willing. Their ambassadors will be back in Israel shortly & the lucrative deals with Israel will not miss a beat. But at least they lent their moral authority (even though some like Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff have that in short supply) to the struggle of Palestinians–& that is something the solidarity movement needs to run with.

Israel & the US are rightly concerned about the impact of those images of Palestinian children– what Netan-psycho-yahu called “telegenically dead babies” & another Zionist pervert called “snuff with haloes”–& they’re trying to counter them with the deeply racist, dehumanizing claim (drawn from the cesspool of 19th century colonialism) that Palestinians use their children as human shields. They’re dragging out the biggest halfwits on the planet like Donny Deutsch, & the living dead like Jon Voight & former terrorist Oily Weasel, to cover Israel’s ass by vituperations against Hamas. And when they speak of “Hamas”, they really mean all Palestinians since for Hamas to use children as human shields, they would need parental collusion.

Israel has been riding high a long time on Exodus romance; it was propelled into this phase of Operation Ethnic Cleansing by irrepressible conflicts within it’s own society. The combination was deadly & when ethnic cleansing went into overkill, even those who couldn’t point to Israel on a map & don’t know Palestine from Tunisia stood aghast.

Rather than be daunted by the criminality, the solidarity movement must run with the truth. We need to pressure those Latin American regimes to increase pressure on Israel, we need to put the heat on the US & the stooges of the US Congress, we need to badger the UN, but mostly we need to organize massive protests, speak-outs, forums, teach-ins; we need to have Palestinians tour; & we need to evangelize for the economic boycott of Israeli products (barcode beginning 729). The source of our power is in truth & in our numbers. Just ask the Vietnamese.

(Photo by Mohammed Abed/AFP?Getty Images)

Is this what hasbara means they call Palestinian children human shields?

Gaza man and child August 6 2014

This must be what Zionist apologists for ethnic cleansing mean when they claim Palestinians use their children as human shields. This man has no where to go with his small child since Israel is taking out homes, markets, mosques, hospitals, & UN refugee centers. There’s no place to go, no place to keep your children safe & where you aren’t a sitting duck. But hasbara is clinging to that human shield story because it is frantic to undo the damage of hundreds of photos of mangled & dismembered Palestinian children. Those wee martyrs have become Israel’s undoing. May they RIP.

Some witnessing this carnage are bereft that massive protests haven’t stopped Israel but if you think Israel & it’s allies aren’t sweating bullets about those protests, take a look at some of the war propaganda Zionist apologists are frantically barfing out. Some of it is completely indistinguishable from burlesque. Brigitte Gabriel, a shady, half-baked character, is the queen of farce in this regard. Gabriel, who has a couple names (probably from running from the law), is a hateful Islamophobe who claims she was used as a human shield by Palestinians in Lebanon. According to her, Palestinian fighters (in 1975-76) would park rocket launchers in front of each house, shoot off a cannon, & move on to the next house to make the evening news. You don’t have to be an artillery expert to recognize folly.

She’s a nasty piece of work too, claiming Palestinians “cannot win militarily against Israel so what they do is they use their own children as disposable collateral in order to win the war of public opinion against Israel.” She’s described by book venders as “fiercely articulate & passionately committed” when the pithy “unhinged” would be much more suitable. But when it comes to finding people to peddle this crap, beggars can’t be choosers. Hasbara takes what it can get.

This is the hay day of the Islamophobe who usually live isolated lives since even feral cats & mad dogs want nothing to do with them. A case in point would be witless, right-wing comedian Pat Condell, the UK’s own version of the contemptible Bill Maher. He posted a several-minute rant hating on Arabs who he calls “a bloody nuisance to human civilization.” Our man has no respect for anything except the sound of his own croaking. In denouncing Palestinians for using their kids as human shields he claims Hamas used child labor to build the tunnels between Gaza & Israel. Where did he get that information since Israel claims it didn’t know about those tunnels? Does our man have metaphysical sources of intelligence? Or like the rest of hasbara, does he simply make stuff up? It’s clear now why the mad dogs want no part of him, not even a ragged bone.

Hasbara thinks it really snagged a live one when they interveiwed retired Colonel Richard Kemp, the former commander of British troops in Afghanistan. To enlightened minds, not the best authority to address justice but again, beggars can’t be choosers. This interview is where you confirm crackpot Zionism has taken over the hasbara factory. He claims–contrary to IDF press releases–that Israel did not bomb a hospital & refugee center in Gaza; they were in fact bombed by misfired Hamas rockets. The rare (& entirely questionable) images of Hamas rocket damage in Israel are the size of potholes. Is our man actually claiming that one of those took out an entire hospital & a refugee center?

The only thing of value this military servant of neoliberal colonialism says is that the people of Britain have been deeply affected by the photographs of Palestinian children. To counter that, he claims Hamas falsifies these photos & includes images of Israeli children as dead Palestinian kids. His lies are even topping the state of Israel which has not claimed any deaths from Hamas except among the occupying soldiers.

This human shield story is obvious crap but it’s all Israel has got left. So this sorry-assed fool claims the high number of children killed in Gaza are because Hamas used them as human shields as a “key element of their strategy.” Listen to the jackass in his own words: “They want to lure & force Israel to kill civilians. And so you see images of dead babies, dead boys on the beach, women screaming about their children, & no reality can overcome those images. It’s understandable in a way, because it is heart-wrenching, I’ve seen firsthand what shrapnel can do to a baby, & it’s horrifying, & the problem is that there’s no reference, no open-mindedness to the fact that the only reason these children have been killed is because of Hamas’ aggression towards Israel.” The devil made them do it!

It isn’t that Hamas uses kids as a key element in their military strategy but that hasbara uses that racist accusation drawn from the rancid well of 19th century colonialism as a key element in their war propaganda.

The most powerful way to answer this racist rubbish is to continue public protests denouncing Israeli ethnic cleansing in Gaza. The official lies aren’t stacking up, millions of people have seen the photos of small Palestinian children & know that something stinks in the state of Israel. It’s up to us to hammer home the truth & stand for justice.

Stand publicly for Palestinian justice! Honor the economic boycott of Israel (barcode beginning 729).

(Photo by Mohammed Abed/AFP)

Palestinian intifada lives!

Gaza- Intifada lives August 5 2014

Supporters of Palestine around the world are worn to a frazzle with concern for Gaza because for now four weeks that small but densely populated area has been pounded with hundreds of bombing sorties every day along with bombardment from tank artillery. How could Palestinians possibly recover from such a barbaric & relentless assault!?

Never underestimate the political fortitude of people who have stood alone for 66 years against the most insuperable odds & never bent the knee to colonialism. Here a young Palestinian flashes the victory sign & holds up a map in the colors of the Palestinian flag. He’s standing in the rubble of his family’s apartment taken out by Israeli bombs in Beit Lahiya, an area where Israel simply went berserk probably to put on a good show for those sitting just across the border in their makeshift parlors in the hills of Sderot.

We hope those psychos in Sderot spot this flag with their binoculars. We should tweet it to the four corners of the globe so everyone who stood with Gaza knows: Palestinian intifada lives.

We only hope this young man knows over a million strong & growing raise our fingers in response: solidarity forever until Palestine is free.

(Photo by Adel Hana/AP)

Former terrorist Elie Wiesel has no shame

Eely Weasel ad August 5 2014

If there’s one guy who has no shame, it’s Eely Weasel–known better by his stage name, Elie Wiesel. He’s made a career grandstanding his sorrow as a holocaust survivor & after he’s spent 50 years in public weeping we’re left to wonder just how deep that font of misery goes. Or can he turn it on & off depending on remuneration?

He’s the oh-so-earnest, self-serving preacher who said: “I swore never to be silent whenever & wherever human beings endure suffering & humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” Leaving us to question why he never spoke up against Israeli apartheid & ethnic cleansing, why he clammed up & looked ponderous while the world awaited his indictment. Is it possible our man is an utter fraud–& a rather contemptible one at that?

So now the man has spoken in a full-page ad in the NY Times & several other national papers in Chicago, LA, Miami, Washington DC (those cost big bucks & you can be sure he didn’t fork it out of his own account). It’s titled: “Jews rejected child sacrifice 3,500 years ago. Now it’s Hamas’ turn.” Drawing on the Old Testament & the holocaust (the sucker is so predictable), he accuses Hamas of using children as human shields, calls on Obama & other world leaders to denounce Hamas, & urges people to support Israel in their hour of need. You gotta hand it to the guy! He’s a real performer.

We would never demean the suffering of Jews from historic persecution, including pogroms & the holocaust of WWII. We would never accommodate modern libertarian anti-Semitism that is a devil’s brew of illuminati, Free Masons, & the Rothschilds. But don’t ask us to fall for this guy’s schtick which is a manipulation, guilt-baiting, & a source of considerable personal income serving as apologia for Israeli apartheid, ethnic cleansing, & Zionist racism.

Zionist sources rued the ad in the NY Times was placed opposite an article “wrongly condemning Israel for attacks on Gaza’s UN schools.” They also claimed the ad was to “promote universal Jewish values in culture, media & politics.” We don’t know what those values are or how they differ from the values that all humanity honors but we do know you can’t have it both ways. You can’t claim to be high-principled & at the same time refuse to condemn Israel for bombing women, elderly, disabled, children seeking refuge from ethnic cleansing.

(Image of Eely Weasel ad in NY Times)

The evil of Zionist banality

Gazan woman crying August 4 2014

Hannah Arendt’s pithy “banality of evil” always rankled & seemed insular to evil, which is anything but banal–unless you think terror & slaughter vapid. But it might be just the right term to describe Zionist propaganda spewing out of media: from the “radical empathy” of the liberal Zionist rabbi who wants a more humanitarian ethnic cleansing & less swearing by Palestinians in objecting to the murder of their children–to the crap pouring out of The Times of Israel, a right-wing tabloid only a few years old that likes it’s ethnic cleansing decisive & without apology.

Last week, The Times of Israel published a call for genocide in Gaza but advisedly withdrew it–too late to escape condemnation. This week, they published an article titled “Does This War Make Me Look Fat?” by a Zionist from Brooklyn, NY named Rachel Weinstein. Weinstein has a weight problem & says she deals with the stress of war in Gaza by stuffing herself with chocolate. This traumatized daughter of Zion, who has no place being there in the first place, took a Facebook poll of other Israelis: “Eating more or eating less because of the “situation”?” Binge eating & gaining a few pounds were the big concern. And here we thought it was those Hamas rockets.

Dare we suggest Weinstein’s waistline is not the worst of her problems? Should we suggest modifying Arendt’s epigram to “the evil of banality”? Or is this just more documentation of the deep psychosis inherent to an ideology that holds one group of people superior to all others, that teaches hatred & elitism toward others? When we say Zionism is cultural dry rot, Rachel & the rabbi testify to that indictment.

Weinstein’s light-minded attitude toward genocide is all the more repugnant because Palestinians in Gaza are kept on starvation rations by the Israeli economic embargo; Israel actually calculates the minimum amount of calories allowed per person in Gaza.

While Weinstein & other Israelis traumatized by extra pounds commiserate on Facebook, this elderly Palestinian woman in Gaza sits weeping after an Israeli bomb took out her house & killed three members of her family (yesterday). Ten other people died when Israel bombed another school serving as a UN refugee center (also yesterday).

When Palestinians demand a democratic secular state where Jews & Palestinians can live in peace, every still sane Israeli should grab that proposal & fight for it with all their might before Israel collapses from its own internal rot & social hatred.

(Photo by Mohammed Abed/AFP)

The hills of Sderot: ethnic cleansing as a spectator sport

Sderot August 3 2014

From lawn chairs to setting up the parlor so they don’t miss a moment of the ethnic cleansing going on in Gaza. When we say there is a deep psychosis in Zionism that makes it irredeemable, this would be the proof. We need to continue anatomizing this rancid ideology but this scene would be the pièce de résistance of condemnation.

(Photo by Siegfried Modola/Reuters)