God bless the doctors & medics in so many places like Syria, Palestine, Kashmir, Cox’s Bazar, & elsewhere who treat the victims of war, occupation, & genocide. It’s a profession that could earn them a one-way ticket away & a very comfortable life far from the trauma of pellet guns, artillery, & bombing. But they serve in circumstances with a potential for debilitating PTSD. A heartfelt salute to their commitments.

Many of us are deeply grieved by the turn of events in Syria, by the imminent defeat of the Arab Spring uprising against Assad. I once grieved the loss of political allies from the antiwar & socialist movements, some of them going back over 50 years, who have gone over completely to the camp of Assad & Putin, camouflaged in a stink bomb of disembodied quotes from Lenin about national sovereignty. I don’t grieve their loss anymore. I hold them accountable for justifying dictatorship & the merciless deaths, displacements, disappearances, torture, executions of hundreds of thousands of Syrian working people. I hold them accountable for allying with fascists, Islamophobes, anti-Semites & turning their backs on an entire heritage of antiwar & solidarity principles. Did they do so ignorantly? Does that matter when millions of Syrians are paying such a horrific price for their betrayals? For so long, many of us held out hope that the bombing of civilians would bring them to their senses. But it did not. It must be said quite frankly that for most of them, it’s all over but the crying. May they rot in hell.

Syrian doctors & medics ‘subjected to extreme intimidation’ after Douma attack


Several anonymous Syrian doctors & medics who treated victims of the regime’s chlorine attack in Douma reported to a Guardian reporter that they’re being subjected to ‘extreme intimidation’ by Assad officials, including ongoing threats to their families. But of course they are. That’s why when Robert Fisk alighted from the Syrian army convoy to talk to the doctor in Douma, the doctor dummied up & blamed the video of children foaming at the mouth on hypoxia rather than chlorine. As if children suffering hypoxia from living in underground bunkers to avoid bombs is somehow less horrific than other ways of suffering the unbearable. But of course, slick Fisk blamed that on jihadi terrorists rather than carpet bombing.

Assad propagandists & their guppies handle Fisk’s poorly written & pathetic report like it is the Ark of the Covenant when it is riddled with journalistic & political idiocies. He rode into town with the army, walked about in a city under occupation by Syrian & Russian troops, & couldn’t find anyone to complain or denounce the carpet bombing of the city, let alone the chlorine gas attack. Imagine that. He calls that investigative journalism & the guppies eat it up. After hearing that the doctors & their families are being threatened with harm, will Jonathan Cook, Craig Murray, & all the other guppies who blew incense at this piece of journalistic rubbish reconsider their credulous acceptance of Fisk’s report? Will they eat crow? Or will they remain true to form & denounce the doctors & medics as jihadi terrorists & the Guardian article as fake news? The propagandists & their guppies think they’re riding high because their apologetics for Assad’s dictatorship get all sorts of likes, especially from Russian trolls, on social media. But chickens are already coming home to roost. When this is over, most of them will have to go into political hiding or will end up writing hack for Global Research or Consortium News. God help their rotten souls.

“All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned.”

Most of us are unable to be detached about the pending defeat of the last Arab Spring uprising in Syria. It signals the, albeit temporary, defeat of epic struggles by millions of people in Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, & elsewhere against dictatorship & for humane, democratic societies. But it also signals the corruption & collapse of the old progressive movements, most importantly the international antiwar movement smothered by Islamophobia & anti-Semitism, associated with fascism-cum-Stalinism & indistinguishable from the Pentagon War on Terror. Chickens will come home to roost for those who betrayed principles of solidarity & are now cheering the victory of Assad & Russian militarism. Most of them have lost all credibility & respect for justifying dictatorship & militarism. For us who stand with the Syrian revolutionists, it is a time of grieving. But in time, we will pick ourselves up to rebuild all that has been profaned. That is our commitment.

It might be said that the international “left” will someday have to make an accounting for supporting the Assad dictatorship & Russian militarism & betraying the last Arab Spring uprising standing. But the truth is that left is dead, are now citing rightwing politicians & Fox News as allies, & have collapsed under the weight of Islamophobia. It’s a tsunamic change where old gurus of the 60s generation like Chomsky, Tariq Ali, John Pilger have blown it completely one too many times. Though the degeneration has been long in the making. They’ll continue to get honoraria & speaking engagements but they have nothing left to say & those they’re talking to are like the walking dead. All that’s left is for them to skulk off the stage of history & rot in peace. Now the youth must rebuild principled movements free of associations with fascists, Stalinists, libertarians, war mongering. Good riddance to the old. A rebirth emerges from the ashes of the Arab Spring uprisings which tried to change the world but have been temporarily delayed because they stood alone. The new movements must be rooted in solidarity lest they end up in the same hell as the old guard.

Why Palestinians should oppose Assad by Mohammad Ali

This is a long but brilliant elaboration of why Palestinians should stand with Syrian revolutionists against the Assad dictatorship. Islamophobic, anti-Semitic & fascist political forces, including Bartlett, Beeley & David Duke, are sucking off Palestinian solidarity to buttress their support for Assad. But some of the most compelling voices opposing this are Palestinians like this writer Mohammad Ali who know the role of the Assad dynasty in collaborating with Israel at the expense of Palestinian refugees.

Some people say: why would a Palestinian oppose Assad? Isn’t Assad’s regime in Syria part of the Axis of Resistance against Israel? Didn’t Palestinian liberation organizations have their bases in Damascus during their fight against Israel? If Assad is against Israel, and Israel is against Assad, then is it not possible these claims of crimes committed by Assad are propaganda by the West against him?

In a very simplistic reading of the world, these are valid questions. But the underlying assumption is wrong and has been wrong for years. Assad’s regime is not against Israel; Assad’s regime is only for its self-preservation.
For decades before the Syrian revolution started in 2011, Palestinian discourse regarding wider Arab support for its cause has always come to one conclusion: the Arab governments betray and sell out the Palestinians for their own narrow interests. While the Palestinian cause has been dear to Arab populations in general, Arab governments (nearly all authoritarian monarchies and dictatorships) have often paid lip service to the Palestinian cause to appease their masses, while in action have betrayed Palestine and Palestinians in the pursuit of better relations with Israel’s Western protectors and to preserve their regimes against their populations. Syria under the Assads is been no exception.
Countless times from my childhood have I sat with my relatives and elders during dinners and ‘azeemehs’, listening in on their political debates, commentaries and criticisms of the news of the day. I sat with men who were members of the PLO, leaders in their communities in the resistance against Israel, who were imprisoned or survived massacres or who fought in battle. While they always talked of the criminality of Israel in their fight against Palestine, they spoke of the betrayal of the Arab regimes that helped facilitate this. They spoke of Black September when Jordan’s king massacred Palestinians, accusing the PLO of working against the monarchy, and crushing Palestinian’s military strength in its borders. They spoke of the Lebanese civil war, where some Arab factions allied with Israel in fighting the Palestinian resistance movements. They spoke of the arrests, deportations, and sabotage by most Arab countries against Palestinian self-organization, especially in the Gulf. The bitterness they held for the Arab regimes was even stronger than that reserved for the Zionists, because the Arab regimes with one face used to declare their support for Palestine, while with the other used to act to make the Palestinian problem go away so they can resume business as usual with Israel and the West. The Arab regimes, in action, wanted Palestinians to accept their lot as refugees quietly, preferably not in their own borders.
Hafez al Assad was a key focus for contempt. The young forget, but the elders who survived Black September don’t. While Jordan was fighting the Palestinians in September 1970, Syria sent ground forces to aid the Palestinians against the Jordanian military’s massacre. Hafez al Assad was the head of Syria’s Air Force then, and he went against the orders of his superiors and held the air force back from supporting the ground forces, leaving them open to strikes from the skies and defeat. Within weeks Hafez al Assad became the dictator of Syria in a military coup. The elders in those dinners all used to say that Hafez al Assad was rewarded by the West and supported in his coup as the payment for his betrayal of the Palestinians and his fellow Syrians who came to their aid. Ever since Hafez took power Syrian forces have never been mobilized to aid Palestinians, but they’ve been mobilized several times against them. I also sat with elders who fought for Fatah in the Lebanese civil war, who talked bitterly of Syrian betrayals and massacres of Palestinian refugees. Palestinians had resistance movements in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, and these had to be crushed by their own regimes to avoid Israel doing it for them. Jordan obliged culminating with Black September. Syria under Assad, while keeping offices open and allowing Palestinians to organize as long as they don’t oppose his regime, performed a campaign of incarcerations, expulsions, and assassinations to neuter any military capability of the Palestinians within his borders. He was happy to tolerate the visage of Palestinian resistance, but did not tolerate the Palestinians having any military capability which would ever threaten him, or threaten Israel getting involved with Syria. Lebanon’s factions that allied with Israel, weak with civil war, were not able to eliminate the Palestinian resistance there (where the fighters and leaders fled from Jordan and Syria), and eventually the Zionist state invaded Lebanon primarily to defeat the Palestinian resistance. Remember Syrian forces, who previously fought in support of Palestine before Hafez al Assad took power, were involved for years in Lebanon’s civil war fighting against Palestinian resistance forces and massacring refugees.
These were not forgotten by the elders who lived through them. Yes, you’ll find some Palestinians who support Assad because he allowed some leftist groups to operate in Syria, such as the PLFP, but he only let them operate as long as they don’t do any action to threaten his regime, including any action against Israel that would make the regime a target. But for the Palestinians who lived through the battles, the massacres, the betrayals, Assad’s regime has always been an enemy of Palestine when it suits him, despite his lip service to the Palestinian cause when that suits him.
With the Palestinian military resistance crushed and the fall of the Soviet Union, Hafez al Assad went full on in his attempts to be accepted and supported by the West, despite his supporters today saying he was ‘anti-Imperialist’. Hafez al Assad’s Syria was one of the few to send Arab troops on the side of the Americans against Iraq in the first Gulf War. Hafez al Assad’s intelligence Mukhabarat betrayed Ocalan and gave him to the Turks. Hafez al Assad spent the 90s kissing America and Israel’s feet for the opportunity to open his country for business, enriching his family and kleptocracy while his people became poorer. His son Bashar, whose supporters imagine is a ‘sovereign’ popular ruler even though he inherited the dictatorship, continued this collaboration with the West in the 2000s in exchange for better relations. He was a partner in the War on Terror, torturing suspects on America’s behalf as part of the rendition programme. He continued the lip service to Palestine while not allowing any dissent within his borders, whether from his own population or from Palestinians. And let’s not forget that during the revolution, when many Palestinians in the Yarmouk refugee camp joined their Syrian brothers in asking for freedom, Assad’s regime besieged the camp, bombed it from the air, and gave ISIS safe corridors to join in the besiegement and assault on Yarmouk.

So again… I say all this as a Palestinian who wants liberation for all oppressed people, whether in Palestine or fellow Arab countries or elsewhere in the world. I say this as an anti-war activist who opposed the Iraq war. But I cannot live with myself if I’m not consistent with my principles and don’t wish for my brother what I want for myself. I will not, and never will support, Assad’s regime as it massacres Syrian civilians because Assad apparently ‘supports’ Palestine. I could not even if the support for Palestine is genuine, which it is not!
As for my fellow Palestinians and pro-Palestine activists: don’t fall for Assad’s propaganda, it’s the same that Israel uses against you. When Israeli supporters claim that videos of Palestinians suffering are faked, or justify bombing residential buildings because ‘terrorists’ are hiding there, why is it easy for you to see through that, but not when Assad says the same of his victims? If Assad, RT, PressTV, and their propagandists start putting out the same stories with the same sources claiming that Hamas is western backed, and that the Gazan civilian rescue and medical workers are ‘linked’ to ‘Western’ backed Hamas, honestly would you scrutinize those sources more and see through it??? Or would you then stay quiet as Israel bombs and murders thousands in Gaza, trusting your ‘anti-Imperialist’ news sources and saying that Israel is bad but Hamas is worse and there’s no good alternatives?
Could it be because so many Westerners have gone to Palestine, lived under occupation with Palestinians, spoke to Palestinians, engaged with Palestinian civil society, and participated with Palestinian non-violent resistance and demonstrations, that so many Westerners have become immune to the Zionist propaganda against Palestinians? Guess what, Syrians also have voices, they have also organized civil society, also have non-violent resistance movements and demonstrations and organizing, also have their equivalent spectrum in political approaches, ideas, activism and liberation. They have their peaceful approaches. They have their humanitarian workers. They have their militants, just like Palestine. What they don’t have are the witnesses it seems.
Assad has poisoned the situation by propagating the idea that there’s only two sides: Assad or terrorism. He’s murdered journalists and besieged areas and ISIS has murdered western aid workers. The last thing he wants is for witnesses to come from outside and spread the word of the resistance against him. The last thing Assad wants is a Rachel Corrie of Syria.
But even if you can’t go in, you can speak to the millions of Syrians outside of Syria who are opposed to Assad. Then ask yourself this: shall you ignore the millions of lived experiences of Syrians because their experience goes against the paradigm of the world you built as an ‘anti-Imperialist’? In other words, do you choose to live in the real world or the world of grand narrative debates?

War crimes in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya from legal & illegal weapons

Yemeni child scarred by chemical weapons Apr 17 2018

This is Walaa Hussien al-Hutroum who was 9-years-old in April 2015 when Saudi-US-UK coalition bombers hit Sanaa, Yemen. It was just days after the carpet bombing siege began in March that year. Walaa was hit with shrapnel from a missile that struck on a road she & her family were traveling as they fled from airstrikes in their town. It’s reported today that Saudi Arabia is using US-supplied white phosphorous in its continuing bombing campaign of Yemen. The US is as guilty of war crimes in Yemen as is Saudi Arabia. It should be noted that the carnage caused by artillery & missiles is indistinguishable from chemical weapons. Just because the UN finds some weapons legal & others illegal does not mean we have to accept that distinction or recognize any weapons as morally & politically legitimate.

Assad supporters are engaged in an unseemly debate denying the regime’s use of chemical weapons in Douma. But they claim Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians, or what they call “jihadi terrorists,” is legitimate to defend Assad’s right to self-determination. No it isn’t. Dictators have no rights to national sovereignty except in the political cosmology of fascists & Stalinists. The historic principles that guide antiwar & human rights activists absolutely exclude the bombing or shooting of civilians with any kind of weapons.

Because the antiwar movement is so busy defending the Assad dictatorship & justifying Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians, it has not given the necessary political commitment to Yemen, which is being bombed to destroy the Yemeni Arab Spring uprising, or to Iraq & Afghanistan. The only principled demands are the immediate cessation of bombing in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, & the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all foreign military forces.

Out Now!

(Photo by Khaled Abdullah/Reuters)

Kashmiri kicking truck during arrest (Life in Kashmiri villages) Apr 17 2018
A young man being arrested by Indian occupying forces shows his defiance by kicking an armored vehicle. Remarkable toughness of spirit when the incarceration & disappearance rates of youth are astronomical in Kashmir.

End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.

NYC vigil for Asifa

NYC vigil for Asifa Apr 17 2018
Those living in the NYC area will want to participate in this justice for Asifa rally tomorrow. The rape & murder of Asifa is about gender, ethnic, religious, caste, & class oppression & is of importance to human rights activists around the world.

Assad supporters are treating Robert Fisk’s article on his visit to Douma like the Ark of the Covenant. They believe his second-rate journalism & first-rate political corruption support their admiration for the Assad dictatorship. An Irish Assadist came to my wall to defend the article & insult my critique by saying I was envious of Fisk & had no right to criticize his writing. Isn’t that a cogent rebuttal to my political analysis! Let me set buddy-boy from Ireland straight: I detest elitism & am not a respecter of rank. I will criticize anyone who I think misrepresents political realities & who I think will derail the struggles against war, occupation, genocide. My loyalties are solely to those struggles, not to someone’s prestige. If, after 5 decades in active politics, I was asked one of the most important lessons to learn, it would be, do not defer your judgement or right to speak to others, including those who outrank you in political stature or who have more impressive credentials. Respect yourself & begin that by doing your own homework & learning to think for yourself. If there is one thing that Assadism represents, it is the triumph of political lemmings over political judgement.