Many of us are deeply grieved by the turn of events in Syria, by the imminent defeat of the Arab Spring uprising against Assad. I once grieved the loss of political allies from the antiwar & socialist movements, some of them going back over 50 years, who have gone over completely to the camp of Assad & Putin, camouflaged in a stink bomb of disembodied quotes from Lenin about national sovereignty. I don’t grieve their loss anymore. I hold them accountable for justifying dictatorship & the merciless deaths, displacements, disappearances, torture, executions of hundreds of thousands of Syrian working people. I hold them accountable for allying with fascists, Islamophobes, anti-Semites & turning their backs on an entire heritage of antiwar & solidarity principles. Did they do so ignorantly? Does that matter when millions of Syrians are paying such a horrific price for their betrayals? For so long, many of us held out hope that the bombing of civilians would bring them to their senses. But it did not. It must be said quite frankly that for most of them, it’s all over but the crying. May they rot in hell.