Syrian doctors & medics ‘subjected to extreme intimidation’ after Douma attack

Several anonymous Syrian doctors & medics who treated victims of the regime’s chlorine attack in Douma reported to a Guardian reporter that they’re being subjected to ‘extreme intimidation’ by Assad officials, including ongoing threats to their families. But of course they are. That’s why when Robert Fisk alighted from the Syrian army convoy to talk to the doctor in Douma, the doctor dummied up & blamed the video of children foaming at the mouth on hypoxia rather than chlorine. As if children suffering hypoxia from living in underground bunkers to avoid bombs is somehow less horrific than other ways of suffering the unbearable. But of course, slick Fisk blamed that on jihadi terrorists rather than carpet bombing.

Assad propagandists & their guppies handle Fisk’s poorly written & pathetic report like it is the Ark of the Covenant when it is riddled with journalistic & political idiocies. He rode into town with the army, walked about in a city under occupation by Syrian & Russian troops, & couldn’t find anyone to complain or denounce the carpet bombing of the city, let alone the chlorine gas attack. Imagine that. He calls that investigative journalism & the guppies eat it up. After hearing that the doctors & their families are being threatened with harm, will Jonathan Cook, Craig Murray, & all the other guppies who blew incense at this piece of journalistic rubbish reconsider their credulous acceptance of Fisk’s report? Will they eat crow? Or will they remain true to form & denounce the doctors & medics as jihadi terrorists & the Guardian article as fake news? The propagandists & their guppies think they’re riding high because their apologetics for Assad’s dictatorship get all sorts of likes, especially from Russian trolls, on social media. But chickens are already coming home to roost. When this is over, most of them will have to go into political hiding or will end up writing hack for Global Research or Consortium News. God help their rotten souls.