Assad supporters are treating Robert Fisk’s article on his visit to Douma like the Ark of the Covenant. They believe his second-rate journalism & first-rate political corruption support their admiration for the Assad dictatorship. An Irish Assadist came to my wall to defend the article & insult my critique by saying I was envious of Fisk & had no right to criticize his writing. Isn’t that a cogent rebuttal to my political analysis! Let me set buddy-boy from Ireland straight: I detest elitism & am not a respecter of rank. I will criticize anyone who I think misrepresents political realities & who I think will derail the struggles against war, occupation, genocide. My loyalties are solely to those struggles, not to someone’s prestige. If, after 5 decades in active politics, I was asked one of the most important lessons to learn, it would be, do not defer your judgement or right to speak to others, including those who outrank you in political stature or who have more impressive credentials. Respect yourself & begin that by doing your own homework & learning to think for yourself. If there is one thing that Assadism represents, it is the triumph of political lemmings over political judgement.