It might be said that the international “left” will someday have to make an accounting for supporting the Assad dictatorship & Russian militarism & betraying the last Arab Spring uprising standing. But the truth is that left is dead, are now citing rightwing politicians & Fox News as allies, & have collapsed under the weight of Islamophobia. It’s a tsunamic change where old gurus of the 60s generation like Chomsky, Tariq Ali, John Pilger have blown it completely one too many times. Though the degeneration has been long in the making. They’ll continue to get honoraria & speaking engagements but they have nothing left to say & those they’re talking to are like the walking dead. All that’s left is for them to skulk off the stage of history & rot in peace. Now the youth must rebuild principled movements free of associations with fascists, Stalinists, libertarians, war mongering. Good riddance to the old. A rebirth emerges from the ashes of the Arab Spring uprisings which tried to change the world but have been temporarily delayed because they stood alone. The new movements must be rooted in solidarity lest they end up in the same hell as the old guard.