Imagine looking to Trump to save the Syrian revolution. That’s almost as bad as looking to Putin to save the counterrevolution. It also takes you to the same place politically: war mongering.

Zuckerberg told congress Facebook made a lot of mistakes & was slow to identify the Russian intervention operation. What about Israeli, Indian, & Burmese intervention? Have they just not caught up with that? Is that why they’ve still censoring the voices of Palestinians, Kashmiris, Rohingya?

Many Assad supporters smugly ask: “Why would Assad use chemical weapons when he’s winning?”

The answer is: Good question. Why the genocidal onslaught when the counterrevolution is nearly triumphant? Could it be that it’s a murderous regime?

Anti-Assad political forces clamoring for massive US bombing in Syria are the same ones ranting nonstop against the western left for supporting Assad. Time to take ownership of their own political culpability when what they share in common with Assadists is a belief in bombers. War mongering Trump does not present an alternative to war mongering Assad & Putin but is on a political continuum of political & moral corruption.

You want to know what kind of political crisis has been exposed by the Syrian revolution? The Hands Off Syria crowd are posting videos of Tucker Carlson on Fox News to buttress their support for Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians. Carlson is one of the most racist, Islamophobic, xenophobic haters on American TV. The anti-Assad crowd are posting the statement by Israeli Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef denouncing the Syrian chemical attacks on Douma. Yosef is the rabid Zionist who referred to African immigrants in Israel as “monkeys.” How did we get to this point of political dry rot where racist hatred is the ethos of politics & you can’t tell the left from the right from the walking dead?

There’s a lot of war mongering going on under the banner of defending Syrian children against regime gas attacks. There’s a lot of admiration for Nikki Haley & appeals to Trump to bomb the hell out of Syria. Like the US did in Raqqa & Mosul? Like they operate in Afghanistan or bankroll in Gaza? The distinctions between the war mongers for Assad & those against Assad escape me–because there are no meaningful distinctions between those who look to bombers for liberation. The same political forces who denounce the western left ad nauseam are not that far removed from the Assadist right when it comes to militarism. They should stop hiding their war mongering asses behind Syrian children.

U.S. war crimes in Syria

White phosophorous in Raqqa June 2017

For those taken in by Trump & Nikki Haley’s outrage over Assad’s chemical gas attacks on civilians:

–How could they forget that the US used white phosphorous in the 2017 bombing siege of Raqqa? Whether the US coalition targeted civilians or ISIS is not a distinction. It is a war crime, regardless of who they targeted. And for the record, they targeted civilians.

–How could they not remember that Syria is one of the countries included in Trump’s Muslim ban which Haley defends?

The deed before the word.

Photo is white phosphorous raining down on Raqqa in June 2017.

Facebook harvests the private data of its users & government calls for greater regulation of social media. Those regulations will be on free speech, not on trolling our data. Censorship will increase under the guise of protecting us. FB apologizes for their business model but it’s their political model that is of concern.

Some exiled Syrian opposition groups are calling for the US & European governments to lead a coordinated long-term bombing campaign against the Assad regime. Principled antiwar & human rights activists have absolutely no obligation to honor their delusions about the character of US & European militarism or its counterrevolutionary role in Syria. Political opposition covers a multitude of political perspectives, some of them completely confused, if we are to judge by this call. There is no such thing as a US humanitarian military intervention. Get over that delusion so that a realistic perspective against Assad can be formulated.