Clintons turned Haiti into sweatshop haven so Hillary hasn’t leg to stand on criticizing Drumpf for also profiting from sweatshops

Clinton in Haiti

NBC news reported Clinton’s criticisms abouf Drumpf’s use of overseas sweatshops to make his clothing lines. Her righteousness doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Out of the many detestable acts by Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State is how she & Bill Clinton implemented Obama’s policy of turning post-hurricane Haiti into a sweatshop haven & in the process sucked millions of dollars into their personal & foundation coffers.

Neoliberal capitalism is based on sweatshop economics & this shyster politician has made sure to enrich herself off the backs of millions of primarily women & children workers.

This was originally posted in October 2012. It’s only the tip of the iceberg of her profound corruption.

Haiti is open for plunder! Both of the Clintons joined Haitian president, Michel Martelly–along with a glamorous entourage of movie stars Sean Penn, Maria Bello, & Ben Stiller, fashion designer Donna Karan, model Petra Nemcova, British flyboy Richard Branson, USAID & State Department functionaries, bankers from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) & other investors–in the opening ceremony of the $300 million Caracol Industrial Park in northern, rural Haiti. According to media flattery, the work of both Clintons in Haiti–in particular this industrial park–will shape their political legacy. Damn straight it will! It already earns them a special place in hell & merits them a special tribunal for human rights crimes against the people of Haiti. But loathsome as the Clintons are, they are not down there in some rogue capacity; they are agents of US government policy.

After the January 2010 earthquake, US & other international power brokers moved swiftly to establish a decision-making system in Haiti which took all power out of the hands of Haitians & institutions run by & accountable to them. They set up the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) headed by Bill Clinton–not because of his organizing talents but because of his treachery. Michel Martelly was the IHRC candidate of choice to run for president in 2011. Martelly is a former honky-tonk singer, committed Duvalierist, & admitted participant in the Tonton Macoutes, paramilitary death squads Duvalier used in a reign of terror against political opponents: hundreds of thousands of people were disappeared, tortured, murdered, stoned, burned alive, their corpses put on display & often hung in trees. Family members who tried to remove the bodies for burial often disappeared themselves.

When the Clintons speak they are at pains to explain how they’re “working for the Haitians,” are “Haitian-led” & “helping the Haitian people to achieve their own dreams.” If that’s true they have to explain why this project is at odds not with the dreams but the expressed demands of the Haitian people. The Clintons, et al, explain this industrial park will bring up to 65,000 Haitian jobs. But of course, just to remove the earthquake rubble, find ways to reuse it, construct & repair homes, build sanitation systems, health clinics & schools would take even more workers–in the cities where they live & not in the countryside where they don’t. The IHRC has prioritized & fast-tracked infrastructure projects like this industrial park, highways, telecom, building the tourist industry, & privatizing public services not because these are the dreams of Haitians but because they suit the needs of international capital & exploitation which wants to turn Haiti into a Caribbean sweatshop.

Even a cursory look at this park project will expose the truth since it’s what’s not explained that damns the whole project: first of all, more than 300 small farmers were forcibly displaced from their holdings to make way for the industrial park; the Haitian government simply claimed the land as state property. It is prime agricultural land & environmentally essential. Turning it into a giant sweatshop reduces the already compromised ability of Haiti to produce food for its people, & the oil-burning power plant funded by USAID will destroy the environment.

The park’s anchor tenant is Sae-A, a South Korean garment company notorious & nearly run out of Guatemala on a rail for egregious labor violations, including violence against workers. They expect to pay workers $5 a day to make clothes for stores like Walmart & the Gap. In fact, Sae-A recently shipped its first order of Haitian-made garments to Walmart. They were persuaded to set up the sweatshop by walking into a ready-made factory with tax & tariff accommodations to make it super-profitable to them. Sean Penn, the willing stooge of US colonialism in Haiti, lauds Sae-A for their “maverick nature” but sycophants like him can’t distinguish the antisocial from the maverick. The only other tenant so far is Peintures Caraïbes, a Haitian paint manufacturer, who expects to hire 300 workers max. Their presence is a gesture to cover the colonialism of the whole project.

The reason Penn & the other movie stars are there is to help peddle this crap not just to Haitians but to the rest of us; the reason Karan is there is likely so she’ll get her ritzy clothes made there cheap; & the reason Branson is there is because building up tourism is part of the master plan for Haiti, which includes expansion of the Cap Haitien airport to accommodate international flights. Of course, this master plan was determined by international power brokers & predators, not subject to the voice of the Haitian people themselves. The good news is there are reports of massive protests in Port-au-Prince against the policies of Martelly & neoliberalism. Demand the US & its predatory allies get the hell out of Haiti; Haiti for & by the Haitians!

(Photo by Larry Downing/Reuters)

Making history & reporting it

Was directed to my Other mail file by someone sending a long defense of the Indian occupation. Long or short, they’re all an ordeal to read. Found some hate mail from Zionists calling me an ugly pig & Nazi; a modeling offer to seniors for “a chance to showcase my beauty & sexy body curves” (they have no idea what interesting body curves ones gets over 70), & many lovely encouraging messages from Kashmiris.

Several years ago, I audited a class on the history of feminism at Wellesley College (Clinton & Albright’s alma mater) describing the period of feminist history I was part of, events I was present at. Wellesley admissions had just told me bluntly I wasn’t intellectually capable of attending there. Of course what they meant was that I wasn’t the right class but I was struck that I was judged not intelligent enough to study the history I was part of making.

I’m only reporting the history Kashmiris are making. They’re are the ones under siege. They have no need to thank me but we have every reason to honor them.

Children are the targets of the oppressors because children are the energy of revolution

Kashmiri kids with Indian soldier (Aug 3 2016)

Three Israeli soliders vs tiny Palestinian boy- Aug 3 2016

The photo on left is Kashmiri children & their father being harassed by Indian soldiers & on right is Israeli soldiers manhandling a small Palestinian boy. These images are ubiquitous in both military occupations.

We know from Palestinian & human rights testimony that it isn’t just the traumatic matter of harassing & manhandling little kids. Palestinian kids are targeted for violence including beating, kidnapping, torture, & incarceration in violation of countless international laws & by every standard of human decency. Human rights agencies testified that Israeli bombers hunted down children in the 2014 carpet bombing siege of Gaza. The images of small children covered in shrapnel injuries are an icon of that siege & documentation of human rights crimes. Just as iconic as dozens of horrific images from Kashmir of children & teens covered in permanently disabling pellet gun injuries.

It’s not uncommon for someone half-baked to reality to tsk-tsk the parents of Palestine & Kashmir for neglecting their kids & letting them get caught in crossfire. That’s the monstrous character of occupation: the entire people are commandeered into action from early childhood to old age. Lives are stolen in more ways than one. But children are not being recklessly placed in danger; they are being targeted. Israel explains the child fatalities by claiming Palestinians use their kids as human shields. India may soon spout that horse manure too.

Israel & India may be taking the barbarisms of targeting children to whole new levels of savagery but it is by no means original to either. Children by their nature speak to the free spirit in humankind. They bristle, rebel & react passionately against oppression & are the groundswell of revolution against it. Every new generation must be inculcated with inferiority, chastened, bullied, tormented into submission, because the oppressor is terrified of the young who give birth to rebellion & revolution.

In the archives of US apartheid known as Jim Crow there is a caricature tradition called “pickaninny art” which prevailed in popular culture until the civil rights movement of the 1960s upended Jim Crow & some of the cultural rubbish with it. Pickaninny art was a detestable presentation of tiny Black children, infants really, usually portrayed holding on to a twig suspended over a swamp of menacing alligators.

When you view image after image of this crap you question the deranged psychology behind cultural pleasure in seeing wee children threatened in such a monstrous way. You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to see the cultural anxiety of the oppressor written all over that crap. It’s the violent imagination of how oppression will be managed & enforced by nipping it in the bud of youth–& is reflected in the war on Black youth.

Youth are the hope of revolution against oppression & standing with them is not an option–no equivocations, no buts or maybes.

Long live Kashmiri & Palestinian Intifada, the resistance of youth to oppression.

Not sure why the censorship petition is moving as slow as molasses. When we’ve done this previously for Palestinians booted from FB we garnered thousands of signatures in a matter of days. Does it reflect the weakness in Kashmiri solidarity? Are people reluctant to sign because of possible (non-existent) repercussions? Do I have to personally denounce each non-signer & call for public shaming?

It’s not certain why it’s moving so slow & if any of you have insights I’d be glad to hear them. Or if you can think of a better way to protest censoring, let us know.

Get with the program & sign the petition against Facebook censorship

FB censorship of posts about Kashmir is getting widespread coverage in international media now & that is a direct result of objections activists are making all over social media, including our petition. Those involved in the petition & protests are being interviewed by all sorts of media, including Huffington Post, Guardian-UK, & The Washington Post. Indian & Pakistani media have covered it from the start.

Here are some recent articles:…/facebook-is-censoring-pos…/…/07/facebook-kashmir-delete-posts/…/burhan-wani-ka…/1/729302.html…/abandoning-nuance-facebook-…/

In silencing the voices of Kashmiris & their supporters, FB has exposed its increasing censorship of posts particularly about Palestine & Kashmir. Not a good image or business model for FB to operate as the secret police for brutal military occupations. This will not improve now that Israel is suing FB to crack down on BDS & Palestinian activism.

Our response is to keep up the heat so please sign this petition which is an appeal to FB to honor the US Bill of Rights from which it is not exempt no matter how many squadrons of lawyers say so. It is a direct appeal necessary if a class action suit becomes necessary. You may be tired of being asked to sign it but not more than we are of asking you to do so.

Get with the program & sign the damn thing.

The occupation of Kashmir is not about the malignant character of Indians: it’s about the Indian government & military

Just a reminder: no insults of any kind to Indians. The occupation is the responsibility of the Indian government & military. Many who support the occupation & oppose Kashmiri self-determination are boneheaded rightwing nationalists as despicable as they are everywhere–Drumpf & Modi writ large in the body politic.

But heaping opprobrium on all Indians overlooks the remarkable activists who stand with Kashmir, with Palestine, Dalit & Adivasi activists organizing against caste oppression, the environmental activists, labor activists, & so many others. Many of them were booted by FB for speaking out for Kashmir.

The overwhelming majority need to be won away from government propaganda to standing against the occupation. Frustration with the lack of a massive popular anti-occupation movement is entirely understandable–especially if you are Kashmiri. But as one who lives in the US & has been part of organizing against endless US wars for 50 years, I know that developing such a movement is a sustained, arduous campaign that cannot allow misanthropy as a political guide.

If you believe any part of the human race–outside of the Drumpfs & Modis–are a hopeless cause, there is no possibility for social change, you will become politically inert, & the descent into utter barbarism will be a walk in the park for neoliberalism, the barbaric phase of capitalism.