The occupation of Kashmir is not about the malignant character of Indians: it’s about the Indian government & military

Just a reminder: no insults of any kind to Indians. The occupation is the responsibility of the Indian government & military. Many who support the occupation & oppose Kashmiri self-determination are boneheaded rightwing nationalists as despicable as they are everywhere–Drumpf & Modi writ large in the body politic.

But heaping opprobrium on all Indians overlooks the remarkable activists who stand with Kashmir, with Palestine, Dalit & Adivasi activists organizing against caste oppression, the environmental activists, labor activists, & so many others. Many of them were booted by FB for speaking out for Kashmir.

The overwhelming majority need to be won away from government propaganda to standing against the occupation. Frustration with the lack of a massive popular anti-occupation movement is entirely understandable–especially if you are Kashmiri. But as one who lives in the US & has been part of organizing against endless US wars for 50 years, I know that developing such a movement is a sustained, arduous campaign that cannot allow misanthropy as a political guide.

If you believe any part of the human race–outside of the Drumpfs & Modis–are a hopeless cause, there is no possibility for social change, you will become politically inert, & the descent into utter barbarism will be a walk in the park for neoliberalism, the barbaric phase of capitalism.