Get with the program & sign the petition against Facebook censorship

FB censorship of posts about Kashmir is getting widespread coverage in international media now & that is a direct result of objections activists are making all over social media, including our petition. Those involved in the petition & protests are being interviewed by all sorts of media, including Huffington Post, Guardian-UK, & The Washington Post. Indian & Pakistani media have covered it from the start.

Here are some recent articles:…/facebook-is-censoring-pos…/…/07/facebook-kashmir-delete-posts/…/burhan-wani-ka…/1/729302.html…/abandoning-nuance-facebook-…/

In silencing the voices of Kashmiris & their supporters, FB has exposed its increasing censorship of posts particularly about Palestine & Kashmir. Not a good image or business model for FB to operate as the secret police for brutal military occupations. This will not improve now that Israel is suing FB to crack down on BDS & Palestinian activism.

Our response is to keep up the heat so please sign this petition which is an appeal to FB to honor the US Bill of Rights from which it is not exempt no matter how many squadrons of lawyers say so. It is a direct appeal necessary if a class action suit becomes necessary. You may be tired of being asked to sign it but not more than we are of asking you to do so.

Get with the program & sign the damn thing.