Making history & reporting it

Was directed to my Other mail file by someone sending a long defense of the Indian occupation. Long or short, they’re all an ordeal to read. Found some hate mail from Zionists calling me an ugly pig & Nazi; a modeling offer to seniors for “a chance to showcase my beauty & sexy body curves” (they have no idea what interesting body curves ones gets over 70), & many lovely encouraging messages from Kashmiris.

Several years ago, I audited a class on the history of feminism at Wellesley College (Clinton & Albright’s alma mater) describing the period of feminist history I was part of, events I was present at. Wellesley admissions had just told me bluntly I wasn’t intellectually capable of attending there. Of course what they meant was that I wasn’t the right class but I was struck that I was judged not intelligent enough to study the history I was part of making.

I’m only reporting the history Kashmiris are making. They’re are the ones under siege. They have no need to thank me but we have every reason to honor them.