So it isn’t about a Modi/Trump bromance but the military nexus between the US & India that is at stake. Speaking to a stadium of Hindutva supporters in India, Trump said:

“The United States & India are also firmly united in our ironclad resolve to defend our citizens from the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.”

The real issue is not Islamic terrorism but US & Indian military terrorism under the guise of the ‘war on terror’. As Trump & Modi recommit to targeting Muslims, we must recommit to organizing a massive popular movement to counter them to defend Muslims & oppose war, occupation, genocide.

(Photo of Modi & Trump, February 24, 2020)

My older sister Joni, who got me involved in the Civil Rights Movement, also used to bring me to jazz concerts in Minneapolis. One memorable one was by the brilliant Miles Davis whose stage presence was quite surly, often playing with his back turned to the audience. I don’t know if “Time After Time” (originally by Cyndi Lauper) is my favorite or “Sketches of Spain” based on “Concierto de Aranjuez”, one of my favorite pieces of classical music by Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo. Listen to them & see what you think:

Time After Time:

Sketches of Spain:

Some important insights about this post by Ashley Np by Basith Manakkadavan:

“There is death looming around the Muslim house holds of east-Delhi and as usual the liberal games are on schedule. As of now they are still on the look-out for a Muslim counter part and are yet to call it a clash between the titans. Gujarat, Muzaffarnagar and numerous such muslim pogroms were male games where the Muslim men were willful contenders, right? Now when those innocent Muslim lives are on the hideout from an imminent genocide, yes pit them against each other, as men and women! The women of Shaheenbagh and the lady students of Jamia hasn’t yet got the time to segregate between the male and female casualties and Muslim corpses of the anti-caa/nrc struggle. These liberals have got ample time with them!”

“Please let’s stop calling them pro CAA. Let’s call them what they are – Anti Muslim. They don’t give a damn about CAA.. they just hate the fact that Muslims have the same rights as them.”

–tweeted by Kritika Kamra

It’s not clear why so many invest so much in the latest au courant populist running for POTUS. The George McGoverns, Eugene McCarthys, Bernie Sanders come & go & when one infrequently is put forward as the candidate, like Obama, they bomb out, demonstrating again the triumph of electoral rhetoric over political realities. It’s unlikely Sanders will be allowed as the candidate despite winning at the polls. And when he is maneuvered aside, most supporting him will switch loyalties to the conservative Democrat who is allowed under the mantra ‘Trump must be dumped at all costs’. US elections are a shell game because no one can point to a modicum of sustainable difference between the rule of Democrats & Republicans. Obama used an executive order to give tentative status to undocumented immigrants who came here as children precisely so it could be overruled later. Trump’s policies are US policies, not just a reflection of his deranged world view.

No one has a right to object to people voting for whom they please; one may rue, but cannot object to illusions about what Sanders stands for. The problem is that during these longer & longer election campaigns, all independent political activity stops. That’s the pattern over decades of antiwar & other social protests. That’s seriously troubling at a time of genocide for Palestinians, Kashmiris, Rohingya, Uyghur, when there are several wars going on, & when millions of refugees sustain the barbarism of exclusion & concentration camps. The massive US protests for Kashmir last year were a political anomaly during an election period. When it comes to changing the world, our wisdom is to rely on our own united actions, not electoral promises & high-flown rhetoric because chasing politicians always involves compromise on the human rights of millions.

Several Palestinians are reporting that Gaza is again under aerial bombardment from Israel. There have been no protests for a very long while during this time of genocide because Palestinian supporters are engaged in campaigning for Sanders who declared himself “100% pro-Israel’.

“Largest Cricket Stadium, largest Statue, and largest wall to cover slums. Total amount of money was enough to provide proper Housing to poor living in slums. Since no Brahmin lives in Slums so no hue and cry from Upper class Hindus.

Same is case for Muslims, amount of money they use to kill poor, invade unarmed and buy weapons was enough to provide decent life to Rohangiyas, Uighurs & Palestinians.

No lessons of equality and justice from shit holes.”

–Aahil Asif on Trump’s visit to India