Speaking of false personas, there’s a fellow from this area who presents himself on social media as a leading figure of socialism here. In the nearly 11 years I’ve known him, he’s never engaged in any political activity that I know of except to intervene to prevent & sabotage every attempt I’ve made to build an antiwar movement here.

Let me just say that after years of watching the degeneration of the international antiwar movement into an Assadist & Stalinist cult, it is thrilling to see the emergence of an antiwar movement in Iraq demanding the withdrawal of US & Iranian forces. Those Iraqis will play a key role in rebuilding a principled antiwar movement & are a sharp rebuke both to those who only oppose US militarism (& support Russia, Iran, Hezbollah) & to those who insanely call for humanitarian US interventions.

“Many Kashmiri’s are sharing what appears to be Omar Abdullah sporting a white beard in detention. Congress leaders are expressing concern over his weary look and at the detention of former Chief Minister of Kashmir without any crime. Remember, it was the same guy who shielded killers of your young boys in 2010. I find it very hard that Omar Abdullah is in a bad condition, the sub-jail that they refer to is better than any hotel on the planet. Caretakers, doctors, and expensive food is what’s available there. Do you think he couldn’t have found a barber or was not getting nice food to satisfy his bloody bloodthirsty appetite?.

The man is a talented trickster and his beard is what he kept to gain the goodwill of Kashmiri’s. That’s the fate of every collaborator. The policemen or the autocrat. Give no heed to killers. Remember the kids of Kashmir that were picked up and lodged in dark cells. They deserve your prayers not a scumbag like him. Let his masters show him that no matter what he did for them, he will always be treated like dirt.”

–Kashmiri Zachriah Sulayman

Since the British were instrumental in handing Palestine over to Zionist terrorist militias, Charles Windsor’s expressions of ‘heartbroken’ pity for Palestinian suffering, especially after hobnobbing in Jerusalem with Netanyahu, are like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard. At a time of genocide, pity is not what solidarity requires.

Windsor met with Mahmoud Abbas, collaborator with Israel & India, who said he was grateful to the UK for accepting the two-state solution & rejecting the US-brokered ‘deal of the century’. Actually, the two-state solution is almost universally recognized as a pipe dream & scam & the UK has not taken an official position on the ‘deal of the century’.

Windsor talked about Palestinians overcoming ‘divisiveness’. Does he mean the divisiveness of Israeli apartheid, colonialism, genocide? Or does he mean the divisiveness of Palestinian resistance to apartheid, colonialism, genocide?

Photo is Windsor meeting Mahmoud Abbas during a visit to Bethlehem on January 24, 2020.

(Photo by Hazem Bader/POOL/AFP)

“When my father completed his 21 years in prison, it was Mr. Omar Abdullah who was the Chief Minister at the time. He was asked about my father’s prolonged unlawful detention. “I want to see him die in the prison.” He said. People like him are not mere accomplices in oppression, they have been the oppressors. My father may die in prison, but at least his progeny won’t be guilt ridden because of his choices. I look up to him. He’s my hero.”

–Kashmiri Ahmed Bin Qasim whose mother & father are both political prisoners.

“A Tryst Between History and Memory.

I am tied to the bonnet of history riding fast
On the roads built over the bones of my ancestors;
A bird flying high over my head falls down dead
Shot by the accurate fire, a hiding sniper fired;
As I parade through the blood canals of past
Smoke and dust slap my eyes;

Would that Gods were kind to us─ in this slaughterhouse
Of ailing minds, of marked bodies; of wounded souls;
Hush; where is that sound coming from;
Must be the dawn of darkness cracking past
The despair of hope wandering where the light flew
Into a gorge of sorrows that defy human intellect;
There is an art to darkness, of darkness; one that grows into
A heart of hope without a flaw tied to my existence;
Would that we were kind to us─ in this amnesiac life
Of killing with joy, of bartering sorrows, of dealing with the dead;

Hope is a thing past when history defies your memory;
Hope is a thing lost when memory defies your history;
Walking backwards helps not; going forward helps not;
The present leaves us smitten by the steel insects of time
Biting us while we grope to awake;

There is an art to darkness; one that grows dark
Into memory exposed like a dandelion head
That grows into my lawn; I was never the gardener
Of my lawn; the records prove it neither;
History tied me to a bonnet; I am sailing through
Life─ of un-forgiveness; of rushing to the judgement
Despite the warning; “thou shall not judge.”
Am I wrong if I stake claim to my body?
Am I wrong if two roads don’t divulge in my case
And I have no choice to make?
Am I wrong if no road crosses through my woods?
And I stay gazing like the ancient human worried;
Shocked; dazzled; by the too much of history;
History be kind to my memory; memory be kind to my history
The two can meet and have lunch together;
Who denied us lunch together? ─ In rain;
Through snow; in wind; through fog!
We could be kind to each other;
Move past the traces of human weakness
And seek refuge in a lunch together ─ where
I make no claim to sit on a chair while the attendant
Waits for my call; where the bill that I pay
Does not hurt his eyes;
History- be kind to us; memory; be kind to us.”

©Ashaq Hussain Parray

Half a million Syrians have had to flee for their lives from Syrian & Russian bombing but the Assadist cult that usurped the antiwar movement supports this as a way for Assad to regain his ‘historic territory’ from US & ISIS forces. Almost as if Assadists are flying in from another planet. Instead of opposing the slaughter of Syrian civilians, the cult is eulogizing Iranian general Suleimani who orchestrated terrorist militias against Syrian & Iraqi civilians & are attempting to whitewash the Iranian theocracy.

A new antiwar movement must be rebuilt that is uncompromising in opposition to militarism & will demand the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all foreign military forces & mercenaries from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Kashmir, Palestine.


“Abdullah and his ilk like marde-e-mumin are a classic case of how colonial projects are run to create a false consciousness and install stooges to run the settler programmes. No matter how loyal these proxies may turn out to be, they will always be thrown out once they are irrelevant. This photo is an apt illustration of what a native-collaborator is eventually reduced to- from a high profile chief minister to a prisoner reduced to mere nothingness. Though it might be deliberately that he has adopted this look to gain more public sympathy in the form of adopting cultural cum religious markers like beard and topi, it nonetheless serves an apt example of a supposedly empowered native reduced to irrelevance.

That smile does at least give some idea that if released he can think of being useful through other ways to run the colonial machinery.”

–Kashmiri Ashaq Hussain Parray


“Our war-torn buildings are a testament of our resistance & your crimes.”

–Graffiti on a wall in Aleppo left by Syrian Arab Spring activists at the fall of Aleppo to Syrian, Russian, & Iranian forces in December 2016