“Many Kashmiri’s are sharing what appears to be Omar Abdullah sporting a white beard in detention. Congress leaders are expressing concern over his weary look and at the detention of former Chief Minister of Kashmir without any crime. Remember, it was the same guy who shielded killers of your young boys in 2010. I find it very hard that Omar Abdullah is in a bad condition, the sub-jail that they refer to is better than any hotel on the planet. Caretakers, doctors, and expensive food is what’s available there. Do you think he couldn’t have found a barber or was not getting nice food to satisfy his bloody bloodthirsty appetite?.

The man is a talented trickster and his beard is what he kept to gain the goodwill of Kashmiri’s. That’s the fate of every collaborator. The policemen or the autocrat. Give no heed to killers. Remember the kids of Kashmir that were picked up and lodged in dark cells. They deserve your prayers not a scumbag like him. Let his masters show him that no matter what he did for them, he will always be treated like dirt.”

–Kashmiri Zachriah Sulayman