I have the ‘regime change operation’ blues after going through that rubbish over Syria, North Korea, Iran, the Philippines, & now Venezuela. We need a political satirist up to the challenges of such low-level political foolishness spouted by so many from fascists & libertarians to half-baked socialists. Not that’s there’s anything to laugh about in such betrayals of working people but there’s no dignity either.

According to investigations by the Committee to Protect Journalists, at least 13 journalists were killed in relation to their work in Afghanistan in 2018, making it the deadliest country for journalists worldwide. When I said in a post yesterday that there was no war reporting by journalists in Afghanistan, I was talking through my hat in a most deplorable way. Whatever these reporters were recording was not being reported, at least in US & European media. They were not murdered for writing propaganda for the Afghan government or to cover for the US war, as embedded reporters do.

This is a list of the journalist’s names, media associations, & data on their deaths, mostly by murder. We should take a moment to honor their lives lost in trying to inform us about the 18-year US-NATO occupation of Afghanistan. May they Rest In Peace.

US out of Afghanistan!

After a whirlwind government-led tour of Caracas, a small delegation of Assadists & ‘regime change operation’ specialists announced ‘they had been to Venezuela & everything media reports is a lie’. According to their government tour guides, Venezuela is in fact a worker’s paradise with no social conflict & just a little bit of social inequality. This delegation would be farce were they not attempting to buttress a capitalist regime rooted in inequality while undermining the just demands of working people.

Of course, we oppose US military intervention in Venezuela, as do most Venezuelan working people. That doesn’t mean talking rubbish about the regime or Venezuelan politics.

No US intervention in Venezuela!

Twitter has suspended the account of Will Connolly, aka EggBoy, but not the account of Fraser Anning, the Australian politician who wrote a hateful screed against refugees & Muslims saying Islam is a fascist religion. The community standards they enforce are not those of human rights supporters. So whose community standards are they imposing?

Ilhan Omar is under attack & receiving death threats from Zionists & the most malignant forces in world politics for supporting BDS & protesting laws criminalizing criticism of Israel & Assadists & fascists are jumping all over her like rabid monkeys for supporting the Syrian Arab Spring & calling Assad a dictator. By their rabid methods shall ye know them.

One of the many parallels between the Palestinian & Kashmiri struggles against colonialism & occupation is how Israel & India lay siege to Muslim places of worship. The Jamia Masjid in Srinagar sustains the same kinds of aggression as the al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem: lockouts of worshippers, long months of bans on Friday prayers along with harassment, confrontations & provocations by Indian troops near the premises. I once investigated the issue & despite inadequate information found that other mosques in Kashmir have been vandalized & torched by Indian occupying forces. These assaults on Muslim religious institutions are part of occupation & fighting for freedom of religion is part of the struggle against it.

Photo is lockdown of Jamia Masjid in September 2018.

(Photo by Faisal Bhat/KO)

This is an important article about the struggle of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh to get an education beyond the first few grades. It doesn’t just speak to the oppressive treatment of refugees by the Bangladeshi government but to the role that the education has always played in the struggles of the oppressed. In his monumental work “Black Reconstruction in America,” W.E.B. Du Bois discusses how the first public schools for whites & Blacks in the US were built by former slaves under Black Reconstruction in the South. In the US struggles for civil rights, education still plays a central role for the Black, Latino, & Native American communities & there have been massive urban struggles over the issue. Denying education to the oppressed is fundamental to keeping them subordinated. These struggles by Rohingya refugees & in the US are extremely important politically to their liberation.


Zachriah Sulayman’s comment on the new Kashmiri party which has me rofl:

“Today’s thing:
PHD student from JNU, Shehla Rashid Shora, who recently joined Dr. Shah Faesal’s personal fiefdom, Jammu and Kashmir people’s movement, said during the inaugural ceremony of the party ” Look. The sun’s come out. It’s a sign from Allah”. After a while, it started to sunshower 😀 . Perhaps it was also a sign from God. In Puerto Rico, it means witches are getting married. Let’s not dig into Southern United States and other meanings.
Moral: Don’t use religion for immoral political gains.”

“We have no blood on our hands” but we are dying to have it on our hands too, we appeal people to join this movement.
“We belong to no political dynasty”, but we want to create one for our children.
“We want resolution of Kashmir issue”, but we are not ready for committment and sacrifices the struggle entails.
“Azaadi means many things to many people” but to us it means freedom from 9-5 routine boring jobs and making space for ourselves in the corridors of power.
“We have been to JNU and Harvard” so we know best how to make a big career move. Trust us.
“We have no identity crisis”, but we cannot answer clearly whether we are Indians or not, sometimes we are and sometime we are not depending upon where we are and who we are speaking to.
“Joining IAS was a mistake” but joining full time collaborator politics is akin to doing Haj, it is sacred. Bachoon ki Qasam.
” We want to promote women’s rights” by joining hands with dispensation which has laws where armed forces can rape women in the line of duty.
” We respect armed forces” for professionally committing massacres, mass blinding, tortures, rapes and destroying property.
“We are secular” and we prove it by supporting verses of Quran. By Quran we are secular.
“We are different, vote for us” because we think that many Kashmiris, if not all, are totally stupid and will give us a chance. Khuda ke naam pe EK CHANCE DE DE RE BABA.
–Mir Laieeq’s ironic manifesto for the new Kashmiri party