A lot of people send me long-winded nastygrams about my views on Muslim women’s right to wear the veil. The vituperations around the hijab are not just explained by hatred for Muslims but by misogyny. Has anyone ever seen such fury over other attire–or lack of attire–by women or men? Why do they care more about the hijab than they do about the persecution of Muslim women in the name of liberating them from the veil? Save your breath. Don’t send me the nastygrams. They roll like water off a duck’s ass.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the Christian Broadcasting Network (a rightwing evangelical network) that it’s possible Trump was sent by God to save Israel, as a Jewish-only state, from Iran. This guy doesn’t understand democracy 101 any more than the dope who hired him.

Kashmiri family homes reduced to rubble by Indian occupation forces: since Israeli occupation forces in Palestine use the same method of razing family homes & in fact entire villages, this must be a thought-out tactic of occupation. Perhaps it is one of the tactics taught to the Indian army by Israeli paramilitary forces who were contracted by India to train their forces in Kashmir.

Kashmiri friends: I apologize for any misunderstandings on my part about the death of Atif Mir in a hunt to kill operation. The information is quite contradictory, especially confused by reports in Indian media. I would like an accurate understanding of what happened but in the end it is the Indian military occupation of Kashmir that is responsible for his death. We also grieve the loss of this young boy.