“We have no blood on our hands” but we are dying to have it on our hands too, we appeal people to join this movement.
“We belong to no political dynasty”, but we want to create one for our children.
“We want resolution of Kashmir issue”, but we are not ready for committment and sacrifices the struggle entails.
“Azaadi means many things to many people” but to us it means freedom from 9-5 routine boring jobs and making space for ourselves in the corridors of power.
“We have been to JNU and Harvard” so we know best how to make a big career move. Trust us.
“We have no identity crisis”, but we cannot answer clearly whether we are Indians or not, sometimes we are and sometime we are not depending upon where we are and who we are speaking to.
“Joining IAS was a mistake” but joining full time collaborator politics is akin to doing Haj, it is sacred. Bachoon ki Qasam.
” We want to promote women’s rights” by joining hands with dispensation which has laws where armed forces can rape women in the line of duty.
” We respect armed forces” for professionally committing massacres, mass blinding, tortures, rapes and destroying property.
“We are secular” and we prove it by supporting verses of Quran. By Quran we are secular.
“We are different, vote for us” because we think that many Kashmiris, if not all, are totally stupid and will give us a chance. Khuda ke naam pe EK CHANCE DE DE RE BABA.
–Mir Laieeq’s ironic manifesto for the new Kashmiri party