Israeli soldiers routinely terrorize Palestinian children

Israeli soldier terrorizing child (Twitter:RebelPioneers) Oct 24 2017

An Israeli soldier in what calls itself “the most moral army in the world” terrorizing a Palestinian boy in occupied Hebron. It isn’t reported what happened to the boy–whether he was assaulted &/or arrested & placed in the Israeli gulag. But this treatment of a little kid constitutes several human rights crimes.

Stand with Palestinian kids by honoring the economic & cultural boycott of Israel. Buy nothing with barcode beginning 729 & check every label on every product.

(Photo from Twitter)

Ad hominem attacks are considered gauche at cocktail parties & maybe at the Oxford Forum. Not so in politics where life & death questions about oppression, war, occupation, & genocide are involved. What are often mistaken as ad hominems are actually political characterizations. But scrappers like me have no problem calling apologists for human rights & war crimes dirt-balls & that’s the higher end of our epithetical repertoire.

Reposting this from October 24th, 2015 mainly because Save the Children is raising funds for Rohingya refugees. How much of those contributions will actually be delivered in aid is a question. No money should be given to this group which politically & financially supports Zionist groups unless they initiate a public campaign demanding Israel stop selling arms to the Burmese military & end its occupation of Palestine:
Hopefully, this piece of information will not get lost in a post I wrote about JK Rowling’s involvement in an anti-BDS initiative:
Working Assets/CREDO Fund, the cell phone company marketing itself to progressives, is an endorser & financial supporter of The Abraham Fund. Other supporters/contributors include several Israeli corporations (including Strauss), the German & US governments, Save The Children Fund (which gave an honorific to Tony Blair), & many openly Zionist groups, individuals, & foundations. Once again, “Zionist” is not a derogatory epithet but the term for those who advocate for a Jewish-only state on Palestinian lands.

The Abraham Fund, which refers to Israeli Palestinians only as “Arabs” (because Zionists insist Palestinians do not exist as a people), is a Zionist organization which works with the Israeli government in phony peaceful coexistence schemes, including with Israeli police projects about policing Palestinian citizens. It can now be said with some assurance that their projects are not serving Israeli Palestinians.

Those Palestinian supporters who want to continue their cell phone plans with CREDO should begin to put pressure on them to cease all support to The Abraham Fund & to any other Zionist organizations they support & may want to ask for full disclosure of all organizations which they contribute to. Their determination of who is “progressive” might not correspond with your own.

Some US media publishing opinion pieces characterizing offensive against Rohingya as genocide

Ro 11-yr old Azida Begum (Paula Bronstein:Getty Images) Oct 24 2017

In the past couple days, CNN, the Washington Post, & Time (all US media) have published opinion pieces characterizing the Burmese military offensive against the Rohingya as genocide, not as ethnic cleansing as the UN & Human Rights Watch do. Time even highlighted this little girl, 11-year-old Azida Begum, who was shot twice (under her arm & on her leg) by Burmese soldiers, showing that Rohingya children are targeted in this genocide as much as adults.

Those who support the fascist Burmese junta & Suu Kyi & deny the genocide by claiming it is all “Wahhabi/Salafi terrorism” will pull their schtick about mainstream media being all lies but all they offer in rebuttal is Russian media sources when Russia is one of the biggest arms dealer to the Burmese military & has just negotiated billions in investment deals. We should use these reports in US media to build a solidarity movement for the Rohingya people in their struggle against genocide & for human, democratic, civil, & refugee rights.

(Photo of Azida Begum by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

Time article:…/myanmar-rohingya-fortify-rights-genocide/

Washington Post article:…/a-genocide-is-taking-plac…/?

CNN article:…/op…/myanmar-rohingya-genocide/index.html

Muslim refugees called “infiltrators” by Islamophobes

Re refugees on boat (dainikcoxsbazar) Oct 24 2017

Some Bangladeshi media now refer to Rohingya refugees as “infiltrators.” In international Islamophobic jargon, an infiltrator is always a Muslim to associate them with terrorism. How about we put up banners & billboards declaring “Infiltrators welcome here.”

Je suis infiltrator.

(Photo of Rohingya refugees arriving in Bangladesh from dainikcoxsbazar, Bangladeshi media which calls them “infiltrators.”)

Isn’t it about time to acknowledge that Kofi Annan has played his part in covering for genocide against the Rohingya & is now completely irrelevant if not criminally collusive with the genocidaires?

Al Jazeera’s double-talk on the Rohingya genocide

Ro woman grieving family member killed by Burmese army (Cathal McNaughton:Reuters) Oct 24 2017

Al Jazeera reports that as of today, 800,000 of the 1.3 million Rohingya living in Arakan state have fled for their lives. Dishonestly, Al Jazeera also reported that the exodus began on August 25th after the Burmese army retaliated to ARSA attacks on 30 police stations & an army base–allegations that came from the Burmese military & are therefore doubtful if not altogether lies. The implication to this narrative, repeated by media & governments around the world, is that Rohingya extremists incited a genocide when it has been shown quite conclusively that the Burmese army was preparing this genocidal offensive weeks in advance & only a few months after the last offensive had ceased. ARSA hasn’t been in existence for even a year & could not possibly be so organized or equipped to pull off any major operations against one of the most brutal & well-equipped military forces in the world.

Stand with the Rohingya against these lies & vilifications. They are our brothers & sisters. How we respond to this genocide will determine the fate of suffering humanity around the world. Either we stand with the oppressed or with barbarism.

This woman at a refugee camp in Bangladesh is grieving a beloved family member who died from injuries inflicted by the Burmese army as they fled for their lives.

(Photo by Cathal McNaughton/Reuters)

Jordan’s Rania tours Rohingya camps for Kissinger’s nefarious ‘charity’

Jordan's Rania in Cox's Bazar Oct 24 2017

It’s not to be sniffed at that Rania, who calls herself queen of Jordan, has vigorously denounced the Rohingya genocide & actually toured the camps in Cox’s Bazar. Will there then be massive humanitarian aid forthcoming from Jordan? Will Jordan stop preventing Syrians fleeing carpet bombing from entering its borders? Will it stop turning away all Palestinian refugees fleeing from Syria?

What’s not quite right about Rania’s tour is that she’s touring in her capacity as a board member of the International Rescue Committee (IRC). The IRC is Kissinger’s ‘charity’ with a board that includes Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, business magnates & bankers from JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, & several leading Zionists. IRC activities in most countries are secret but appear quite nefarious–as you’d expect from a Kissinger operation. If the IRC wants to make itself effective in Burma, it’s in a position to focus on getting the US to reimpose sanctions & to ban US investment in Burma; it should focus on getting Israel to stop selling arms to Burma. Otherwise, we might suspect Rania is fronting for IRC’s nefarious intent with the Rohingya refugees.

(Photo is Rania touring refugee camp)

So a guy tells me I’m a narcissist with a “Wahhabi fan base” & challenges me to a debate. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t block him too after you stopped laughing. My seven-year-old neighbor could kick his ass.