Reposting this from October 24th, 2015 mainly because Save the Children is raising funds for Rohingya refugees. How much of those contributions will actually be delivered in aid is a question. No money should be given to this group which politically & financially supports Zionist groups unless they initiate a public campaign demanding Israel stop selling arms to the Burmese military & end its occupation of Palestine:
Hopefully, this piece of information will not get lost in a post I wrote about JK Rowling’s involvement in an anti-BDS initiative:
Working Assets/CREDO Fund, the cell phone company marketing itself to progressives, is an endorser & financial supporter of The Abraham Fund. Other supporters/contributors include several Israeli corporations (including Strauss), the German & US governments, Save The Children Fund (which gave an honorific to Tony Blair), & many openly Zionist groups, individuals, & foundations. Once again, “Zionist” is not a derogatory epithet but the term for those who advocate for a Jewish-only state on Palestinian lands.

The Abraham Fund, which refers to Israeli Palestinians only as “Arabs” (because Zionists insist Palestinians do not exist as a people), is a Zionist organization which works with the Israeli government in phony peaceful coexistence schemes, including with Israeli police projects about policing Palestinian citizens. It can now be said with some assurance that their projects are not serving Israeli Palestinians.

Those Palestinian supporters who want to continue their cell phone plans with CREDO should begin to put pressure on them to cease all support to The Abraham Fund & to any other Zionist organizations they support & may want to ask for full disclosure of all organizations which they contribute to. Their determination of who is “progressive” might not correspond with your own.