The fascism of Global Research from Syria to Burma

Ro boy at Cox's Bazar (AP Photo:Bernat Armangue) Oct 2 2017

It appalled me to learn that one of my articles about Burma was posted in Global Research after being published by Countercurrents in May 2016. Global Research editors must have been unaware of my many posts excoriating them since they turned on the Syrian revolution against Assad in 2011, began portraying the Arab Spring uprisings as orchestrated by Mossad & the CIA, & became openly anti-Semitic & associated with that extraterrestrial reptilian Jewish bankers crap.

Now they’re openly, unabashedly fascist on several political issues, especially Syria, & are publishing articles on Burma by the Irish fascist Gearóid Ó Colmáin who is as deranged as he is dishonest & reactionary. He comes highly recommended by Vanessa Beeley, the Leni Riefenstahl of the Assad regime. Hopefully, this will be beyond the pale for those taken in on Syria & they will begin to understand that the libertarianism of Global Research is the theoretics of fascism & that its views supporting genocide in Burma are of a piece, not an aberration, with all of its politics.

The truth of the fascist Burmese junta & their genocide of the Rohingya people is beyond dispute. It won’t be as easy for Assad supporters to dissemble reality as they have so effectively in Syria–partially because anti-Assad forces are politically weak with many confused by the counter-revolutionary role played by the US. It may be hoping against hope, but it’s possible that some who succumbed to Islamophobia & anti-Semitism in Syria will begin to rethink their political course & turn away from their fascist allies & the politics of hate. As confused as they are, it is certain that is not where many thought they were headed when they began spouting that regime-change rubbish about Syria.

According to estimates, of the now 500,000 Rohingya refugees fleeing death squads, at least 60-percent are children, many coming alone or with siblings after losing their families to genocide. This young boy is among them. The genocide is not about ARSA; it is about kids like him. Either you stand with the refugees or you stand with the fascist junta. There is no middle way.

(Photo by Bernat Armangue/AP)

There’s almost nothing young women can do to make themselves less than beautiful. Except for red eyeshadow. Eat it you young whippersnappers. We finally got you.

Media doesn’t understand why an old white rich guy would indiscriminately shoot up a crowd. If he’d been in the military it would make sense because of PTSD, but he has no military record. Nether does the old white rich guy in the White House who hates on Blacks, Latinos, Mexicans, Muslims, Puerto Ricans, & others. Privilege can make you stupid. It can also make you psycho.

Sincere condolences to those who lost beloved family or friends in the Las Vegas attack & to the 500 injured. It’s scary as hell to see so many terrorist events in the US when prior to the so-called war on terrorism Americans had the comfort of geographical, military, & psychological distance from the crimes of our government. It’s too much to ask that media will learn from this & treat the people of Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Kashmir, Somalia, Libya, the Rohingya of Burma, & elsewhere with the same respect & grief. But their suffering & their lives also matter.

Nobody’s talking deep state or soft coup anymore, not even Glenn Greenwald, though they’re still harping about Russiagate & the new McCarthy era. Let it be noted that the ex-CIA & FBI agents leading the band against the new McCarthy era crap were part of orchestrating the actual McCarthy era that made life difficult & often dangerous for socialists & civil libertarians & often jeopardized our jobs.

Have to admit watching all the Russiagate commentary on TV news has become a bore even though it’s going to bring him down. The investigation appears to be focusing on Russian interference in US elections & fake FB accounts. That’s important to investigate but it’s no different than the US does in many other countries. What’s important is Trump’s business operations & entanglements with Russia–not to mention other countries like the Philippines. But maybe that’s getting too close to how capitalism works not just under Trump’s corruptions but under every US president. That might open up a can of worms where the power elite do not want to go lest capitalist exploitations be laid bare.

It’s of considerable interest that Assad supporters are now calling on Spanish troops to crush the Catalan independence movement. For those who have eyes to see, Assadism is aligned with fascism & among the most reactionary, violent forces in world politics. It’s not too late to bail out of their death trap & rejoin the forces of social transformation.

The crisis & criminality of humanitarian aid to Rohingya refugees

Ro boys being beaten back with stick from food (AP Photo:Dar Yasin) Oct 2 2017

There’s a crisis in the delivery of humanitarian aid to Rohingya refugees that we need to make an international hue & cry about. The NY Times, in an article on September 29th, noted that these organizations are operating in Bangladesh: UNICEF, Save The Children, Doctors Without Borders, World Food Program, the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Parenthetically, but not irrelevantly, it might be mentioned that IRC is Kissinger’s operation. The Board of Directors includes Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, magnates from JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, including Felix Rohatyn (who presided over the dismantling of social services in NYC during the 1970s) & James Wolfensohn (past president of the World Bank dismantling social services on several continents). The IRC does not really do humanitarian aid; it’s engaged in something entirely different.

We know there are other smaller operations like Khalsa Aid providing aid on the ground; there is apparently even a truckload of Chinese aid. But we need to know why most reports are about the refugees still starving, sick, living without shelter in the rainy season. Are there logistical problems in getting supplies to 500,000 refugees? Not any more than there are when they conduct their wars & occupations & set up entire military operations within days. What’s so hard about flying in tons of food from all over the world? That’s how they provide for their armies. Are there at least port-au-potties set up so people don’t have to poop on the ground & create major health problems like cholera? What about field hospitals where those with bullet, machete, knife, & other injuries & infections can be treated?

This photo from a couple weeks ago is little Rohingya boys who haven’t eaten for days & are starving being beaten back with bamboo sticks from a food distribution site. What kind of humanitarian aid operation thinks assaulting traumatized children is their right for handing out a few dry biscuits?

We don’t just have a humanitarian crisis on our hands. We have a criminal conspiracy to treat the Rohingya people like fleeing terrorists, like they aren’t human beings. Our demand should be that our governments provide immediate, massive assistance of every kind to the refugees, no excuses allowed. This isn’t a Muslim issue; it’s a human rights issue that affects all of us.

(Photo by Das Yasin/AP)

Rohingya children watch families be executed & burned alive by Burmese army

Two Ro refugee boys. Oct 2 2017

Two Rohingya refugee boys in Bangladesh: just so we don’t get lost in all that “geopolitical” rubbish about ARSA, pipelines to China, what Suu Kyi can & cannot do to stop genocide. Just two little guys who wanted to have a childhood in their own hometown but were forced to flee for their lives.

These two brothers watched their family being massacred from across the river. They watched as attackers executed their father & other men in the village, then take their mother & three siblings to a house which was set on fire.

Stand with the Rohingya people against genocide & for human, democratic, civil, & refugee rights.

(from Human Rights Watch)