At first I grieved when I broke with longtime allies from the antiwar, Palestinian solidarity, & socialist movements moving into the Assad camp, supporting his dictatorship against the revolution–grieving not just for the loss of old allies, but because their political corruption had weakened or destroyed those movements which need to be rebuilt on principles.

But then I see those old allies remaining dead silent on the genocide against the Rohingya people & not denouncing Assad ideologues, their new allies, who claim there is no genocide of Rohingya but only Saudi-backed Wahhabi terrorism. That grief turns sour & I really don’t give a damn. There are just some lines one does not cross, political mistakes one cannot make, principles one cannot flout. There’s no tragedy here, only shame.

The Irrawaddy: genocide promoter

Crossing river Rohingya (Getty) Sept 16 2017

The well-known Burmese news site Irrawaddy has been cheering on the Rohingya genocide in the most politically corrupt ways: (1) the “there’s two sides to this genocide” argument; (2) the ARSA terrorists provoked the military into scorched earth genocide argument; (3) the Aung San Suu Kyi remains the best hope of peace & reconciliation crap; (4) & by dragging out activists from the 1988 social uprising (those not in jail, executed, or in exile) who all look like whipped puppies to swear allegiance to the military & Suu Kyi & say the conflict has to do with immigration & “Bengali” terrorism. One of them said “They [self-identifying Rohingya] are not one of 135 ethnic groups in Myanmar.”

But how does Irrawaddy explain these images of entire families fleeing, people carrying injured & elderly on their backs, injured crawling to asylum on their knees, unaccompanied children running for their lives with baby siblings? How do they explain entire villages torched or the stories by refugees of men, women, & children burned alive, raped, beheaded, stabbed, tortured?
(Photo from Getty)

The bodies of a young boy & two infants all with bullet wounds washed up on the shores of the Naf river. Were they the Saudi-backed Wahhabi terrorists Suu Kyi & the most corrupt political forces in the world are talking about?