Hefner made it sophisticated & progressive to trash women by claiming he was for civil rights & LGBT rights. What about Black, Latino, & lesbian women? Don’t they count? He also tried to turn feminists who objected into blue-nosed man-haters. That’s because we don’t do nuance when it comes to women hating. We leave that to fools.

Rohingya refugees continue to drown crossing river into Bangladesh

Drowned Rohingya children Sept 29 2017

Normally, I don’t post gruesome images, especially death images, because it can be disrespectful. But I do so now so that others may bear witness & oppose the genocide the Rohingya people are living through. Thousands continue to flee for their lives from Burma; many drown in crossing the border river to Bangladesh. Eight small children & several adults drowned a couple days ago when their boat capsized in choppy waters. These are among the babies who died laid out in preparation for burial. This is the face of genocide. May their sweet souls Rest In Peace.

Stand with the Rohingya people in their struggle against genocide & for full human, democratic, civil, & refugee rights. No human being is alien to us.

(Photo by Shafiur Rahman)

Bangladeshi citizens rush to help Rohingya refugees

Bangladeshi family providing food to refugees (Shafiur Rahman) Sept 29 2017

Whatever the criticisms of the Bangladeshi government in its misconduct with Rohingya refugees, Bangladeshi citizens continue to show the greatest humanity by rushing to the border to assist & provide food & water. Here a Bangladeshi family has arrived with sacks of food they’re handing out to a line of refugees. God bless them.

(Photo by filmmaker Shafiur Rahman who has been providing coverage of this crisis since it began.)

Lot of mansplaining going on in the Hefner obituaries. Did you know that the guy who reduced women to a couple body parts was in the forefront of feminism before it even existed & was a pioneer of the sexual revolution? No, I didn’t either. Did you know that ‘on average, pornographers are among the best people ever’? No, I didn’t either. These are the alternative facts of a post truth truthiness world which most often show up in the obituaries of dirt-balls. Better to teach our children to respect the best of humanity, not the exploiters of others.