“Muslim and Dalit unity is the only way to defeat the Hindu fascists and closet Hindu fascists in india. Traditional left has not only failed but completely discredited itself, their ivory-tower-kind-intellectuals will always disdain such unity by calling it “regressive”, “identity politics”, “minority communalism” and what not, but this unity is the only way forward. The small victories have to be extrapolated onto the larger scene. Seeing things from Kashmir, this is the breath of fresh air coming amidst the stink the Indian polity has been reduced to by its Brahmanical proponents within and outside the state structure.”

–Mir Laieeq

Puerto Rico is beginning to look just like Hurricane Katrina & racism is the unifying theme. I remember watching Katrina on TV for a week before the Bush administration sent the first aid or attempted to rescue people.

Trump on delivering aid to Puerto Rico: “This is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean. It’s a big ocean, it’s a very big ocean.”

The mistake made by the Pakistani representative at the UN in holding up the photo of a Palestinian shrapnel victim thinking it was a Kashmiri pellet victim is entirely understandable. That photo has been shared so many times as a Kashmiri girl that I actually wrote a post about it last March. There’s no reason to berate her for the mistake. We can run with it to educate more people about the barbaric character of the Israeli & Indian occupations.

Get in-your-face with photos of children from Palestine & Kashmir injured by occupying armies

Pellet gun victim Sept 26 2017

One way to respond to the mistake by the Pakistani representative at the UN is to be in-your-face with actual photos of Kashmiri pellet victims & with Palestinian bombing victims. This young girl is a Kashmiri pellet victim.

End the occupation of Kashmir. End the occupation of Palestine.

Aftermath of July 2014 bombing of Gaza beach killing 4 boys

Photo of Gaza City beach in July 2014 just after four young Palestinian boys were killed by Israeli bombers. Same beach Modi and Netanyahu recently strolled on?

The intentional disabling & disfiguring of young people in Palestine & Kashmir by the occupying armies is to intimidate & terrorize resistance. It must be extremely demoralizing for young people who have to learn how to live without vision or legs & arms & with shrapnel or pellets buried in their internal organs causing a lifetime of pain & health problems.

We have to express international outrage & opposition to these monstrous crimes whilst at the same time acknowledging the ethos of disability rights that every human being is perfect, just as they are.

If anyone would like to send photos of Kashmiri pellet victims to Maleeha Lodhi at the UN, here is the email: pakistan@un.int. You may also want to send copies to NDTV in India at: www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/new/feedback.aspx

What’s going on in Burma, Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, & so many other places on every other continent can be overwhelming. Some who lay claim to deeper sensitivities back off to bury themselves in poetry & ignorance. With all due respect to their poetic souls, yeah right; cut the crap! If war, occupation, & genocide are unbearable to witness, then imagine what a hell on earth they are to endure. No one is too sensitive to stand with them against these monstrous crimes. Not standing with them is a betrayal of their humanity & our own.