Finished my article on the Burmese military hiding behind Suu Kyi. Seeing her role on the leadership councils of the junta really makes clear that she is not just the front for genocide but truly a partner with the generals. Elaborating & exposing her role opens up an understanding of the junta & of the character of Burmese fascism.

Call me Cato the Censor, but if you like the work of Gearoid O Colmain, the Irish fascist, Assadist, Islamophobe, Rohingya genocide denier, & supporter of the Burmese junta, you have to unfriend me. And make it snappy.

If you call yourself progressive but don’t think the Rohingya genocide is worthy of attention, you may not stand with the oppressed so much as you have an issue with authority. What’s the point of that kind of rebellion? It’s greasy kid stuff.

A Burmese nationalist who found his way to my wall has been dispatched after leaving this dropping: “You are just a dog feeded by Muslim community.” He has the same way with words displayed by even the most highly educated nationalists. Their hate renders them incapable of thought & their words tumble out like horse manure. What is the appropriate response? Woof-woof?

The urgent need to protect Rohingya children refugees from traffickers

Ro boy carrying his stuff (REUTERS:Danish Siddiqui) Sept 19 2017

A boy grown old before his time, living through what no child should ever even know about: that the world is filled with hate & violence & that children are most often the targets, vilified as up & coming terrorists.

Stand with Rohingya children. Demand thoroughly vetted child protective services be provided unaccompanied refugees to serve as long-term guardians until loving families are found to place them.

(Photo by Danish Siddiqui/Reuters)

The kindness of strangers in genocide


Media identified this fellow as “a local man” helping an elderly Rohingya woman no longer able to walk after crossing the border. They don’t say if he’s a local Rohingya man from the nearby refugee camps or a Bangladeshi volunteer. It doesn’t matter. He’s a stranger stopping to help someone in desperate need. Deepest respect to those who respect other human beings without asking for their papers, to whom no human being is alien.

Stand with the Rohingya against genocide & in their struggle for human, democratic, civil, & refugee rights.

(Photo by Mohammad Ponir Hossain/Reuters)

To add farce to treachery, what better postlude to Suu Kyi’s speech of lies than Trump speaking to the UN General Assembly about ending poverty?

Aung San Suu Kyi’s official denial of genocide

Body of Rohingya woman on Naf Sept 2017

The responses to Aung San Suu Kyi’s televised address to the nation today have been condemnatory, if not condemnatory enough. Drawing on the delusion that Suu Kyi is in denial about genocide, Amnesty International said she & her government “are burying their heads in the sand.” She is not silent nor is she in denial; she is a partner with the generals in executing this genocide & then brazenly denying it is going on when the entire world has viewed overwhelming documentation–especially 410,000 Rohingya refugees coming across the Bangladesh border with bullet wounds, knife & machete wounds, burn injuries, infections, & in a state of extreme trauma.

This article in the Dhaka Tribune titled “Alternative facts in Suu Kyi’s speech” is one of the better media reports:

To Suu Kyi’s speech of lies, we present the testimony of this Rohingya woman who drowned in the Naf river in her flight from genocide carried out by Suu Kyi & the Burmese generals. May our sister Rest In Peace. Suu Kyi & the generals can rot in hell.

(Photographer not identified)