Raqqa Apocalypse, Emancipation US-style

Raqqa from Hkam Zahab June 13 2017

Raqqa Apocalypse, Emancipation US-style:

Scene from the US-led coalition “liberation” of Raqqa, Syria (160 km / 99 miles east of Aleppo).
The US is bombing with white phosphorous & has ground troops deployed to take out ISIS fighters estimated between 1,000 & 4,000 in a civilian population of 340,000.

Any questions about that deranged proposal for a US-imposed No Fly Zone? Defeating ISIS means cutting the weapons supply lines. But how can the US fight ISIS when according to the US Department of Defense it has supplied over $1 billion of weapons to ISIS fighters?

US & all foreign military forces out of Syria. End the bombing. End the war.

(Photo from Hkam Zahab)

UPDATE: Haseeb Rahman has shown a media report that this photo is from the Mosul Apocalypse where the US is also using white phosphorous on a civilian population of tens of thousands.

Jeff Sessions looks like a troll & is still a dumb-ass

Sessions and Troll

Jeff Sessions looks like a troll. We can forgive him for that, even accept him as a human species with full democratic rights, but when he opens his mouth he still talks like the fool that once said “I thought the KKK was OK until I learned that they smoked pot” & claims his anti-immigration views are “the Biblical ones.”

He belongs in Trump’s coterie but not in political office. Bounce him now.

No to US-imposed No Fly Zone in Syria

Hopefully, the US bombing of Raqqa & its use of white phosphorous will put a decisive end to the call for a No Fly Zone in Syria & any notion that the US will or can play a humanitarian role in Syria.

Sooner or later, proponents of a NFZ have to recognize the counter-revolutionary role of the US in Syria & wherever else it deploys troops & bombers. Not to do so & to continue the folly of promoting US bombers & special forces as freedom fighters makes them part of the counter-revolution.

No to US & all foreign military intervention in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia.

So sorry I’m posting so much but there are a lot of things going on in the world that need reporting. A lot of the bad news involves war or violence against Muslims. Non-Muslims have to make our voices loud & clear about that.

Climbing apartheid wall (June 13 2017)

“Zionist government blocked all entrances to prevent Palestinians from going to Alaqsa mosque!
People climbed the wall ♥”

–Mohammed Matter

The iconoclastic art of Abdalla Al Omari

Abdalla Al Omari

(Assad, Merkel, & Trump caricatures)

Abdalla Al Omari, a Syrian refugee artist living in Brussels, has created “The Vulnerability Series” of paintings showing world leaders like Trump, Putin, Merkel, Obama & others as homeless, powerless, & as refugees. He said: “My aim somehow shifted from an expression of anger to a more vivid desire of disarming these figures, to picture them outside their positions of power.”

Since Assad has created millions of refugees, Merkel negotiated the European Union’s anti-refugee policy with Turkey, & Trump is attempting to ban Muslims as refugees, their caricatures are posted as a wall of shame.

There is another preferable way to portray them: in prison uniforms after they’ve been prosecuted for crimes against humanity.


Putin by Abdalla Al Omari

(Putin caricature)

“Anti-corruption” protests across Russia: tens of thousands protest

Anti-corruption protest St. Petersberg June 2017 (REUTERS:Anton Vaganov) June 13 2017

Yesterday, tens of thousands of protesters marched across Russia against corruption. Hundreds were arrested. News reports say only that protesters are coming out against corruption. That’s a vague term signifying nothing & likely does not sum up the litany of grievances drawing thousands into the streets.

It could mean they protest oligarchic grand larceny–the very nature of capitalism–or it could mean the utter corruption of politicians. Lord knows, Russians have plenty to protest about, including massive restrictions on democratic & human rights & the billions spent sustaining Russian bombing & ground troops in Syria.

Media isn’t really reporting the political content of these protests but nobody comes out to confront Russian riot police just for the hell of it. It’s likely the leadership of these actions have ulterior motives & are intentionally vague in the demands raised but are tapping in to a deep reserve of opposition to the Putin regime.

There are those who will say it’s another regime-change operation. Write them off as a broken record.

This photo is “anti-corruption” protesters in St. Petersburg.

(Photo by Anton Vaganov/Reuters)

Aung San Suu Kyi & generals reject UN investigative commission for human rights crimes against Rohingya

Aung San Suu Kyi June 2 2017 (TT News Agency.Henrik Montgomery via Reuters) June 13 2017

It didn’t take Nostradamus to predict the Suu Kyi regime & Myanmar generals would reject the UN investigative commission into the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims. That’s what they call a foregone conclusion.

The generals made Suu Kyi the human rights facade of ethnic cleansing thinking she could carry it off. But anyone who’s ever watched her interviews or speeches denying human rights crimes against Rohingya are embarrassed for her & can’t tell the difference between her & any other two-bit huckster. All that glittered becomes tawdry. There ain’t no there-there with Suu Kyi.

What’s worth noting is that Suu Kyi referred to the Kofi Annan commission report, saying Myanmar would only accept recommendations from that advisory body authorized by the Myanmar government. Anyone who followed the work of that commission knows they spent almost no time in Arakan state, that it had no independence, specifically said it was not investigating human rights crimes against Rohingya, and ended with a hard-hitting report denouncing bad people & advocating ‘senseless acts of human kindness.’ In other words, a wimpy whitewash. It did recommend closing the concentration camps but so far Myanmar has only closed three out of 36 & has no intentions of releasing the 121,000 to 146,000 Rohingya internees.

Over 77,000 refugees fled Arakan state since last October. That’s nearly 1,000 people a month. There’s no reason the UN has to call off the investigative commission when there are 77,000 people who witnessed the crimes & can be interviewed in Bangladesh. And while they’re at it, they can interview them about the squalid conditions & denial of refugee rights Rohingya refugees endure in Bangladesh.

Our fullest solidarity with Rohingya Muslims in their demand for full democratic, human, citizenship, & refugee rights.

(Photo by TT News Agency/Henrik Montgomery)