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“Modi: Stop the Killings”: protest during Modi’s visit to Trump

Modi- Stop the Killings protest at WH June 28 2017

Another photo of the protest at the White House when saffron prime minister Modi met the pumpkin president Trump. Violence & social hatred is what they hold in common.

India tries so hard to suppress the truth about violence against Muslims, Dalits & other oppressed castes in India & about the barbarities of its occupation in Kashmir. Eat it Modi. The truth is out.

End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir. End the violence against Muslims & Dalits in India.

(Photo tweeted by Ajaz Rasool)

A feminist’s guide to ending verbal abuse & bullying

Someone asked me for this post, originally written in 2015 after several asked me how to ward off verbal put-downs & insults. If you don’t learn early in life to end such aggression, you will grow old tormented by the notion that something about you invites abuse, that maybe you look stupid or like a patsy, with “victim, kick me” stamped on your forehead & butt. On the contrary, it’s usually your best qualities that provoke animosity. Tough noogies for the bullies. Let them get used to your charms.

It was the hard way that I learned these techniques. I don’t want anyone else to learn the hard way when there’s a shortcut to enlightenment & to the art of kicking ass. It is liberating to know how to parry abuse & end it. It doesn’t require you to be a monster but only to claim your dignity.

My friend Trista Hendren published the piece in her blog for easier reading.


Anayet, Imran, and Abdul Munaf Novin June 28 2017

A selfie of (left to right) Abdul Munaf Novin, Mohammed Imran & his childhood friend Anayet Ullah Arman who are Rohingya refugees & human rights activists in Bangladesh.

These are the faces of Rohingya resistance, among those who stand against ethnic cleansing in Arakan (Rakhine) state, actively working to educate others on social media about their struggle, advocates for refugee rights, & among the forces for ending the oppression of Rohingya Muslims. (It doesn’t hurt that they’re also so handsome.)

(Photo from Anayet)

Imran with the kids June 28 2017

“Happy Eid Mubarak from Kutupalong Refugee Camp. All the beautiful kids. 💟”

–from Mohammed Imran, Rohingya refugee & activist
(Photo is Imran with the kids)

Renewed violence by military against Rohingya in Arakan (Rakhine) state

Rohingya man attacked June 28 2017

A report from Rohingya refugee & activist Ziaur Rahman on the renewed violence by the military against Rohingya in Arakan (Rakhine) state, Myanmar:
#Rohingya are under attack again in Maungdaw.

Maungdaw: Burmese Brutal Regime once again accelerated crimes against humanity like slaughtering Rohingyas along with extremist Rakhine (Moghs) on 26th June, according to suffering locals.

In the tragic incident military, BGP, Luientein along with Moghs arrived in the village of Kyambong (Kyun Pauk Pyu Zuu) village of northern Maungdaw from 3-4 different directions in small groups of 10-20 at 8: 00 AM right immediately after the Eid Prayer.

Later they raided the entire village, rounded up the women and interrogated them about their men, whom fled to jungles due to fear of brutal regime and their inhuman torture.

The raid became a human made catastrophe when they starting haunting men in the jungles, where they slaughtered 6 Rohingyas. Local fear of other 4 more men to be slaughtered in their custody in lying position.

Following that they tortured and injured any Rohingya they find leaving villagers in extreme fear and misery. Details of the slaughtered victims and the missing are yet unknown.

According to locals and the situation in Arakan (Rakhine ) Burmese Authorities are once again trying to create an unrest in Arakan following their genocidal countdown on Rohingya since the rule of the Burmese Regime in Myanmar.

(Photo of Rohingya man attacked via Ziaur Rahman)
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There are those who think free speech on social media means letting anti-Semites rattle on about Rothschild bankers, Indian nationalists hammer away about the imaginary Pandit genocide, wing-nuts spin elaborate conspiracy forensics about 9/11, or libertarians whang on against liberals, “Russiagate,” jihadi head-choppers, & trying to make Assad look like an altar boy who would never gas civilians.

That kind of free speech works for some people. It doesn’t work for those whose preference is to have discussions with sane people who do not substitute hating & misanthropy for understanding. You can’t help the haters with reasoning. They need therapy, maybe medication. That’s not available on my wall.