It’s okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes. Human beings were made to love one another, not spend our lives fighting against war & genocide. When we have to, we take the time to renew our psychic energy & we don’t allow any sense of guilt about that. If we don’t take the time, we get sick. Commitment requires inspiration & most of us find it in the kids, in wanting all of them to have a world worthy of them. Take that advice from an old lady who knows the score when it comes to getting overwhelmed sometimes.

According to a report from Quint, an Indian news source, India has six “Auschwitz-style” detention centers in Assam to hold Muslims declared stateless & is now building ten more. Just like China has for Uyghur Muslims.

Idlib apocalypse: the eyewitness photos & videos of children killed by Syrian & Russian bombing in Idlib are too gruesome to post so artist Marc Nelson mourns their deaths & memorializes their lives by sketching from the photos.

May this sweet child Rest In Peace.

(Sketch by Marc Nelson, August 28th, 2019)

There is a report on Twitter that thousands of people marched from Downing Street to the Indian High Commission today to deliver the message to Modi & the Indian government that “you cannot silence the people of Kashmir.”

It’s a Guernica scenario in Idlib & Assad propagandists are gloating over fascist tourists prowling with cameras through the rubble in Aleppo. The Stalinist & Assadist cult that replaced the antiwar movement is still defending that abandoned embassy in DC & shouting ‘hands off North Korea & Iran’. There is an existential crisis in progressive politics when they cannot distinguish Islamophobic & anti-Semitic politics & join forces with the ‘war on terror’ in support of dictatorship & carpet bombing civilians in Idlib. Actually, it’s beyond existential crisis to requiem time. They’re dead as a political force & good riddance to them.

Sketch is from an eyewitness photo of a White Helmet cradling an infant he rescued from a children’s hospital targeted by Syrian & Russian bombers.

(Sketch is by artist Marc Nelson)

“India is only as democratic as China is communist, & the Islamophobic feminist is only as feminist as ISIS is anti-imperialist.”

–Indian activist Satyadeep Satya, September 3rd, 2017