Syrian civilians in Hama province (just south of Idlib province) fleeing from intensified rocket & artillery fire by the Assad regime & Iranian-backed militias. At least twenty towns & villages in the province are under escalated fire, causing many civilian deaths & large-scale civilian displacement. Or do Assad’s propagandists Beeley & Bartlett again claim these are only “crisis actors” mugging for the camera as they did injured & traumatized civilians in Eastern Ghouta?

(Photo by Anas Aldyab)

A war-traumatized child from Idlib, Syria during aerial bombardment by Syrian & Russian war planes & artillery fire from the Syrian army & Iranian-backed militias. Some dare call this liberation. Those with antiwar principles call this genocide & the destruction of a revolution against dictatorship.(Photo by

(Mohammad Alwesh)

Those clamoring for a humanitarian US intervention in Syria & Venezuela should pay close attention to the conduct of Indian troops in Kashmir. War crimes against civilians are the very nature of war & occupation. That shouldn’t have to be explained to anyone with a computer.

“Dear revanchist mobs, we heard all your SLOGANEERING, its okay, we will bring our “children in your colleges” back to KASHMIR But would you also take your “children in uniform” back to INDIA? Guess what, we all will live happily ever after. #JustAsking”

–Zafar Iqbal

The ‘beloved Jawan’ in Kashmir:

Documentation of Indian military marauding & terrorism in Kashmir: this kind of evidence for a human rights & war crimes tribunal is exactly why India has presently shut down the internet in at least five districts of Kashmir.

(Photo from Trending Kashmir FB wall)