Some academic socialists define women who support Kamala Harris or Kristen Gillibrand as “neoliberal feminists.” So how do they define themselves for supporting Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, both of whom are committed Zionists & supporters of US militarism? If you ask my opinion, neoliberal has no meaning here at all except to obfuscate & distinguish the Zionism & militarism of the former two from the latter two. What such false distinctions lack in principles is made up for in sophistry.

Granted the distinction is a subtle one, but some people should not comment on politics until they can tell the difference between farce & electoral politics. The nomination of Thai “Princess” Ubolratana as a candidate for prime minister is actually more shameful than farcical. She’s a pop singer, game show host, soap opera star, & Instagrammer. More to the point, she hasn’t a single credential making her appropriate as a political candidate in a country with a military dictatorship & a monarchy. Politics are serious business, not spectacle. To show how serious her nomination was, the party nominating her withdrew it as soon as the current monarch (her brother) objected. Not the kind of political leadership needed to bring a junta to its knees.

Giles Ji Ungpakorn, in exile after being charged under Thailand’s lèse-majesté laws, calls this “the politics of the sewer.”

This is to commemorate the hanging of Afzal Guru by the Indian State on February 9, 2013. Afzal Guru was a surrendered militant who wanted to lead a normal life. The Indian State, without any concrete evidence & with inadequate legal representation, hanged him in secret for the December 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament. Omar Abdullah, who is trying to resurrect his image as a born-again champion of freedom, was India’s Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir at the time. The body of Afzal Guru is buried at Tihar jail in Delhi where he was hanged. His family are denied his body for respectful burial.

The anti-Assad crowd campaigning for US “humanitarian intervention” into Syria is really showing their rightwing character by campaigning for US intervention in Venezuela. When you endorse the bombing of civilians to oppose repressive regimes, you fall right into the trap of fascists, Stalinists, confusionists who reduce politics & war to “regime change operations.” But do the anti-Assad pro-war crowd really have to sell Palestinians down the river by endorsing the Zionist views of Financial Times writer Philip Stephens who denounced Palestinians for extremist violence in order to make the case for US intervention into Venezuela? Have they no shame? Have they no concern about the hundreds of thousands of civilians who will be harmed by war? Have they so little damn sense that they trust the US Pentagon & the presidency of Trump? Beware the clarion call for war.

This photo is a protest in Caracas on February 2nd against Maduro’s policies. Protesting against Maduro is not an endorsement of US military intervention. It is Venezuelans exercising their right to oppose government policies that impose repression & austerity on them. It should also be said that protesting for Guaido is not an endorsement of US intervention but speaks to the bankruptcy of electoral options in Venezuelan politics.

(Photo by Meridith Kohut/NY Times)

This is a long but quite good Australian documentary about Israel’s abuse & torture of Palestinian children. It has its weaknesses, in particular the ending which equates Palestinian resistance with revenge that could lead to undefined extremism. It features Zionist Daniella Weiss, a leader of the settler movement, claiming Israel was promised by God to Jews so Palestinians will have to be systematically removed one way or another. Weiss is the daughter of two American Zionists who were part of the Stern Gang, a paramilitary terrorist group that sought alliances with fascist Italy & Nazi Germany in order to set up a “new totalitarian Hebrew republic” in Palestine.