For the life of me, I don’t know the value of identifying someone as a neocon. Is that different in some fundamental way from being another kind of war monger?

Sometimes you can’t tell if you’re disrespected on social media because of your politics or because of your class. The ones disrespecting you don’t know either since they go together.

In an extremely alarming development, US National Security Advisor John Bolton has offered US assistance to India in hunting down the ‘perpetrators & backers’ of the Pulwama attack. Indian & American Assadists would be on red alert except that they cannot squeal “US regime change operation” for US military interference in Kashmir.

By US inclusion of the Kashmiri freedom struggle in the nefarious war on terror, they have made Kashmiri solidarity an international issue requiring rallies, protests, forums across the world. The US has no rights whatsoever to meddle in Kashmir, especially on behalf of the Indian occupation. The ‘perpetrators & backers’ of the Pulwama attack are solely the Indian government for its ongoing occupation.
Indian troops out of Kashmir. End the occupation.

(Photo is Bolton)

“This is a such a relevant point, written by Preetika:

“According to my very brief research, from 2011 to 2018 around 94 members of the Indian armed forces committed suicide in Kashmir and 22 soldiers were killed in fratricide incidents. The logic of selective grievability works here as well. It does not matter, that they too left behind their home and families, and chose to be a part of the much revered armed forces. Those who die in hyper-visible violent incidents demand a national mourning, others do not.
This colossal loss remains at the margins of the nation’s archive, it is invisible in studios of mainstream media. These dead bodies do not serve the cause of the macho hyper-militaristic ultra-nationalist state but emasculates it. Weakness not valor is appended to the soldiers who chose to end their lives overwhelmed by a macabre theater of war, they are mere statistics not revered martyrs.

“If death of soldiers was a concern, the resolution of Kashmir conflict would have been a priority for the political class but it isn’t. Instead a spectacle of death fulfills their nefarious designs and agendas: national mourning re-inscribes feelings of loss, pain and anger on one hand while on the other it reaffirms support to far-right hindutva national security state.”

–via Heba Ahmed

“Like the Hurriyat has shutdown as ‘panacea’ for all ills, the J&K police too has a remedy for all types of situations: Internet shutdown. When several hundred Kashmiri parents are worried about the well-being of their children studying in various parts of mainland India (who face direct and indirect threats to their life) and they needed internet to stay in touch and to book tickets online for the return of their kids, the insensitive administration chose to suspend mobile and data internet in Kashmir. To deny access to information and preventing people to know about the well-being of their students is another collective punishment meted out to Kashmiris!”

–Gowhar Geelani

Posted by a Hindutva nationalist with the title “the true face of Pakistani bitch.” I would be ROFL except that this is how the Kashmiri freedom struggle is portrayed.