An article about some of leading Kashmiri freedom fighter Maqbool Bhat’s ideas, including about the government versus the people of Pakistan. One of his most powerful is: “For us, Azaadi (Independence) means not just getting rid of foreign occupation of our beloved motherland but also to remove hunger, poverty, ignorance, & disease & to overcome economic & social deprivation. One day, we shall achieve that azaadi”.

If you send hundreds of thousands of soldiers to war, some of them are going to get killed–especially if as a matter of military policy they engage in war crimes, as do the US, Indian, Israeli, European, Burmese, & all other militaries. This orgy of international condemnations over Pulwama are exposed by the silence on massive human rights crimes against Kashmiris under occupation & the pogroms Kashmiris are now facing in India. If we want to end soldier deaths, we make no concessions to militarism & demand the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all foreign troops from wherever they are deployed.

If the Catholic high school student’s $250-million lawsuit against the Washington Post for a new McCarthyism & bias against Trump is not thrown out of court, we can sue the same paper, the NY Times, & for that matter the US Congress for bias toward Palestinians. Bias is the very nature of a so-called free press.